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The 6 Pillars of

The leading framework for achieving success in life

A complete framework to help you reach
breakthrough levels of success
and individual excellence

A Personal journey
to excellence

The hugely popular “6 Pillars” Framework is a proven approach to accelerating your success, imbuing your life with purpose, increasing your happiness, and advancing your personal and professional life.

It not only gives you more control over the outcomes of your own life, it also arms you with the understanding of how to be a positive influence in the lives of others.

It’s based on the critically acclaimed 16 Elements of Success, a major breakthrough in the science of what keeps people engaged (and moving forward in life), and has now been tested, tried, and proven in products and experiences used by millions of people.

After more than 20 years of research, development, and testing, we’ve been teaching the 16 Elements at keynotes at major conferences, in leadership development seminars, and to executives and large organizations.

Now, after several years of dedicated effort, we’ve completely redesigned that training and packaged it in an all new “6 Pillars” model designed to bring this new science of success to individuals, in an easy-to-learn, easy-to-afford, entertaining and insightful format.

The 6 Pillars of Success
will give you the power to build
and maintain momentum in life.

What’s in
the 6 Pillars?

Pillar 1


discover your path

Being successful means starting right… starting strong. But so many don’t really know where they’re going, let alone how to get there. Let’s change that.

The first pillar, Orient, is all about getting your bearings. It’s about building a foundation that will allow you to move forward. It’s being deliberate about what lens you use to look forward (and backward). It’s figuring out who you are and what you’re capable of. It’s about finding your purpose, your mission, your individual “why.” It’s about choosing an objective that moves you forward. Lastly, it’s about making a plan and creating a solid move-forward strategy to get you there.

The Orient series will leave you holding your head higher. You’ll feel a new sense of vigor and excitement for life… an energy and vitality and confidence that will drive you to start moving in the right direction. This is the art of the start.

Lay the foundation of your future
with these life-launch essentials

Orient, the first pillar in the 6 Pillars of Success framework
Pillar 2


make it happen

Getting oriented is amazing, but we can’t stop there. So often we have a strong sense of what we need to do or where we need to go, but we never make it there. The Execute series covers the elements that help you change all that.

This series will help you architect and engineer your success. You’ll start by creating a solid move-forward strategy. You’ll create your own personal scorecard to measure progress and be accountable. You’ll learn how to build and maintain momentum in life, and you’ll learn how to invest in your objective and in your plan so that you are motivated to keep moving forward.

The Execute series will create in you a sense of accomplishment, a sense of movement, a sense that you’re finally doing it. You’ll begin to feel more confident, optimistic and enthusiastic about all the progress you’re making. That enthusiasm, and the evidence of progress you’ll start to see, will help fuel long-term momentum. This is the critical art of execution.

Engineer your success
with the execution essentials

Pillar 4


experience real results

So often we start strong, fueled by purpose and energy and the novelty of a new objective, only to eventually lose steam. At this point we stall and our energy to move forward fades. If you’re not finding the reward in your work, or want to ensure you do, then the Achieve Pillar is for you.

This series will help you find the long-term motivation to move forward. It’s designed around the most well-known extrinsic and intrinsic motivators. It’s about having an impact, seeing that impact, and finding it meaningful. It’s about feeling growth and personal progress. It’s about getting value for your work, all while maintaining balance and renewal.

The Achieve Pillar will answer the question “is it worth it?” It’ll help ensure get the rewards and recognition, the outcomes and impacts you need to fuel long-term engagement.


Sustain motivation
with the achievement essentials

Success Pillar - 6 Pillars of Success
Pillar 3


support your journey

To be successful in life you can’t do it in isolation. Successful people know that they didn’t get there without help. In fact, they make getting that help a core part of their move-forward strategy for success.

This series will help you fuel your success by accessing the support you need to succeed. You’ll learn how to access and leverage leaders and mentors, how to involve others in a way that increases enjoyment and powers progress, how to architect your environment to support success and how to adequately equip yourself for the journey ahead.

The Empower series will leave you feeling more confident in your journey and the chance of success. You’ll realize you aren’t in this alone and you’ll find unmistakable strength in the support and supply lines you’ve put into place.

Support your success
with the empowerment essentials

Support Pillar - 6 Pillars of Success

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How does it work
and how do I start?

It’s been said that the most important step in any journey is the next one. So if you’re ready to take the next step in life… to be deliberate about the pursuit of excellence and achieving the success you’re capable of, then here’s what you need know.

There are 6 Pillars of Success.

Each pillar has a specific focus on helping you move toward a more successful future. Each pillar represents a 4-week workshop series. You can start with whatever pillar you like, depending on what your needs are. If you’re not sure, or if you’d like to take the whole journey, we recommend starting with Orient, and moving in the order shown on the image above.

Each pillar is about more than the value of its category, it’s a framework for learning the 16 Elements, which is why we recommend working your way through all of them. You can do this at your leisure, taking one category now, and then pausing until you’re ready for the next one.

  • You can purchase all 6 pillars all at once, or one at a time
  • Each pillar is broken up into 4 core elements
  • Each element consists of a one hour and 45 minute workshop
  • There’s one workshop each week, for four weeks
  • Workshops can be attended either in person or online (live)
  • If you miss a workshop, it’ll be available online afterward
  • You’ll have access to the online recordings for 1 full year!
  • The next round of workshops start in January
  • After purchase you’ll be able to redeem your code and choose a workshop time to register for.

We have a high-tech, high-comfort workshop room with two 4K cameras, multiple 55″ TV’s, high-quality comfort seating, a professional microphone, and terrific audio and lighting, so it’s a high-quality experience whether you attend in person, or online.

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