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Escape the gravitational pull of

a negative self identity a job that's holding you back a habit that's holding you back the fear that's holding you back everything that's holding you back your past your present the unknown

Escape Velocity is a program
designed to help you move
forward in life.

Listen, in life, we sometimes get stuck. We get held back by the gravitational pull of our past, a negative self image, or an inhibiting thought process. We get held back by labels, doubts, fears, emotions, or habits. We get stuck in our jobs. We get stuck our lives. Sometimes we get stuck and we don’t even realize it.

Regardless of the cause, it happens to all of us. It’s just part of life. So stop beating yourself up about it, and start doing something about it.

Because in your life you have more power than you know. And where you’re going matters more than where you are now (or where you’ve been).

Escape Velocity is a life-changing, 20-week program that gives you the tools, motivation, and methodology to move forward in life. It’ll change your perspective of yourself. It’ll change your perspective of your future. And it’ll change your perspective of others and how to help them move forward in life.

Discover the secret to drive and motivation

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Early in life, I became obsessed with understanding the difference between those who were victims and never moved forward, and those who had power, confidence, and success.

For the past 20 years, I made a disciplined pursuit of understanding the underlying elements of success. I studied game theory, behavioral psychology, organizational behavior, behavioral economics, cognitive psychology, and more. From that extensive research, I’ve distilled my findings into 16 core elements that lead people to succeed.

For the past several years, I’ve been presenting these elements at conferences, seminars, leadership development training sessions, to fortune 500 organizations, and to sold-out crowds of thousands… but all in large-scale settings.

I’ve now decided to bring this powerful content to a much more intimate environment, and to make it available to youth and adults alike. Now you can have access to the same life-changing content that conferences pay me $15,000 per hour to present. Why? Because I believe this content will change your life, and that’s what I really care about.

Learn to let gravity pull you forward, not hold you back

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The law of gravity is fundamental to life. The more mass, the more gravity. The more gravity, the harder it is to escape.

It works the same in our personal lives: gravity is created by mass. The more mass you give to an idea, for instance, the more gravitational pull that idea has on you, until you can’t escape it. The more mass you give to a story about what you can or can’t do, the more likely it is that you can or can’t do it. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It’s the same with habits. The more mass you give to a habit—the more times you do that thing—the stronger that habit becomes, for better or for worse. The more mass you give to a thought, the more likely you are to act upon that thought.

Understanding the mechanics of how gravitational systems work can give you power: power to let them move you forward instead of holding you back.

Your home is a gravitational system. Your friends and peers are a gravitational system. Your morning and evening routines are gravitational systems. Your habits and even your beliefs are gravitational systems.

Having spent more than a decade as a product experience designer, I will teach you the same concepts used by game and product designers to create addictions. Except you’ll be learning how to put these principles to work for you instead of against you. I’ll teach you how to become addicted to life—and real-life success.


Learn to let gravity pull you forward, not hold you back

John Watson, a Scottish theologian and author, once wrote, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” The longer I live, the more I realize this is true. We all fight our own battles. We wage an ongoing and often epic war: sometimes with ourselves, sometimes with our past, sometimes with habits, or labels, or… well, whatever it is.

The point is this… you’re fighting a battle. I don’t know what it is, but you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Everyone around you… they’re fighting a battle too. Some are better at hiding it than others, but we’re all fighting. And just because you’re fighting a battle, doesn’t mean you’re weak, or vulnerable, or less… it just means you’re like the rest of us. Human.

I have fought my own battles. One of the earliest battles I remember fighting had to do with the loss of the thing that I cared about the most, my mom.

When I was two, my biological father developed schizophrenia and believed he had to sacrifice me in order to be chosen as a prophet. My mom saved me. We moved often as she worked tirelessly and sacrificed to provide as a single mother, one of her own battles. Times were often tough. Really tough. But it didn’t matter, because we had each other. Through countless trials, we were always together. She was my constant.

It’s a long, complicated story, as most life stories are, but when I was 12 we were separated. It was like losing my own soul. The next several months were a cauldron of self-pity, sadness, defeat, regret, and the constant, nagging question: “why?”

I developed Tourette Syndrome, because something had broken inside me. I fight that battle still to this day, especially as a public speaker. But within that crucible of adversity I found something that I would never trade. I found a light within. I found strength. I found that I could choose… I could choose to let my life simply be the continuation of my past, or I could choose to change it. I realized the choice was mine. You have that same choice.

I also realized that my past was a gift—that what it gave me was strength and perspective that others often lacked. It armed me for the rest of the battles life would continue to bring. And most of all, it set me on a path: a path where I could use that strength and perspective—the testimony of the power that lies in all of us—to study and learn what turns ordinary people into great people. It also gave me a commitment and determination to bring that knowledge and light to the world.

That’s what this program is. That’s what Life Engineering is all about. Taking control of your life.
I hope you join me.

“What my life has taught me is that it’s not your past that matters, but your future. That is where you should find your hope. That is where you should put your energy. Because you can make it great.”

- Rusty Lindquist

The next 20 weeks will
change your life


In this 1.5 hour seminar, we’ll cover the science of Escape Velocity. You’ll learn what makes gravitational systems so powerful, and how they work. More importantly, you’ll learn how to construct gravitational systems that pull you forward and escape those that hold you back.


We’ll then go through an introductory tour of the 16 elements, giving you a broad overview of the entire energy landscape. We’ll then talk about your own journey in life. This session will inspire you. It will motivate you to change. And it will arm you with the fundamentals of getting started.

Week 1
Weeks 2 - 17


For the next 16 weeks we’ll be diving into a new element every week. We’ll start by reviewing the last-week’s element and your experience with it since then. We’ll then teach a new element, and work on implementing it into your own personal life plan.


Once you’re done with these 16 weeks, you’ll have a deep understanding of every element. You’ll know how to use them in your own life, and how to use them to influence the lives of others. You’ll have a complete life-plan on how you’re going to move forward, and you’ll have identified what your own, unique energy formula is.


In each of these two weeks we’ll be reviewing and refining your plan. We’ll take two sets of four elements each week and go through them. I’ll walk you through a set of exercises that will help you know if your plan is taking full advantage of that element, and we’ll refine as necessary to make it as strong as possible.

We’ll also get to talk about how that element is working for you so far in your life, and the exposure to the stories of others in the room will help you gain insight into how to further refine your own plan.

Weeks 18 - 19
Week 20


Armed with an understanding of each element, we’ll now talk about what to do when you stall. Because stalling is just a core part of living. Energy is perishable. Barriers emerge. And if you spend too long in a stall, you lose momentum, and can end up right back where you started.


A large part of stall recovery is stall detection. In this session we’ll arm you with tools, principles, and practices you can use to detect early, so you can recover fast. And then… well then you’re on your way.

Who is this for?

Escape Velocity is a program designed upon true, foundational principles, which means that it can be applied to nearly any person in any circumstance. The beauty of this is that while you may come into the program for one specific purpose, you’ll be learning a framework you can apply anywhere.

That said, here are some of the most common reasons people will find value in this framework. Click to expand one (or more) of the scenarios here to see how this program will be uniquely applied to you, and how you can use this program to move forward in life.

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You are the the future leaders of our world. You are the secret to the future. But that doesn’t mean you should wait until the future to prepare for the mighty work before you.

In this program I’ll be teaching you, as youth, the exact same principles I’ve taught to executives in Fortune 500 organizations on how to win, how to lead, how to manage, and how to be a champion in life.

You’ll learn principles of leadership. You’ll become armed with tools and knowledge that will give you an edge in life. It will give you the power to create an identity of your own that will entice you onward, that will insulate you against adversity (which will always come), and you’ll be armed with a framework that will propel you through life.

You’ll gain momentum in life that will make you unstoppable. Because people in motion tend to stay in motion. But people at rest tend to stay at rest.

This program is for you.

You might have a tendency to focus on your past and see your future only as the inevitable continuation of that past. You might be stuck on a negative self identity or in the gravitational pull of an unhealthy system. Most likely you fail to recognize the incredible power within you.

This program will change you.

You will create a new identity; you will discover the light that shines within you. You will learn to focus that light and in so doing, will discover new strengths, find personal power, and you will feel more vitality and enthusiasm for life.

You will stand taller, walk with more confidence, and be one of those people who seem to be filled with self-assuredness because you know who you are and where you’re going.

You will begin to build momentum in life; and you will be armed with the tools and knowledge to sustain that momentum as you conquer objective after objective.

This program is for you.

This is a pivotal time for you. All doors have been open, but now you’re starting to close some as you hone in on your life’s purpose. You want to make the most of this time, and you want to set off in the right direction.

In this workshop we’ll help you uncover the core of your identity. You’ll gain a new appreciation for who you are and what you’re good at. We’ll use that information to help align you in a direction where you’re most likely to succeed.

You’ll be armed with a set of tools and a framework that will help you be successful at whatever objective you choose, so that you can be one of those people who seem to move forward in life at great speed.

You’ll have newfound confidence, and you’ll develop core leadership skills and language that will help you stand out. That is what you have to do to succeed.

This program is for you.

Somewhere along the way you have lost your momentum. Maybe you got pulled into the orbit of something that occupied the whole of your time and energy and focus, and now you’re waking up and looking out and realizing you are capable of more.

Maybe you stalled because you weren’t quite sure which direction to go, so you decided to go nowhere until you were sure. Maybe you were battling an addiction, or feel like you’ve been held back by something that’s happened to you in your past.

Now it’s time to move on. Now it’s time to move forward.

This program will arm you with the tools and the knowledge you need to escape the gravitational pull of your current circumstances. You’ll learn how to build and maintain momentum through life. You’ll learn powerful principles that will propel you forward.

You’ll gain a new sense of self-worth, a new sense of direction and purpose, and you’ll begin to see the progress you’re making. Others will see it too.

You have a great work to do, so let’s start doing it. This program is for you.

You’ve returned from a mission, a crucible of experience that has created in you an amazingly powerful character.

But maybe now you’re not quite sure how to translate the incredible skills you’ve spent so long building into this new life now before you. Maybe you’re feeling a bit lost, a bit unsure, and a bit scared of the uncertain nature of your future.

This program is for you.

You’ll learn how to translate the skills you’ve built into the life you now live. You’ll learn to identify your core strengths and talents, and how to use that knowledge to align yourself along a trajectory that will move you forward.

You’ll be armed with the tools and the framework that will begin to propel you forward in life, as you move from objective to objective, finding success, confidence, and enthusiasm for your future.

You have great work to do, so if you’re ready to start doing it, then this program is for you.

You do the most important work in the world. You are the foundation upon which our future is built. You create homes that nurture and build and strengthen and prepare.

But the world works against you. You’re fighting battles you couldn’t have imagined. You feel overwhelmed, and maybe even sometimes helpless against the overwhelming barriers stacked against you, and stacked against your children.

In this workshop you’ll find hope. You’ll find that with knowledge comes power… power to influence, power to shape, power to shelter, and power to propel your children towards life’s most positive paths.

You’ll learn how to create an environment at home that centers your children, pulls them toward you instead of pushing them away. You’ll learn how to shape their self identity, give them momentum in life, and help them find confidence, strength, determination, enthusiasm, and grit.

You’ll learn a framework that helps you diagnose when they’re struggling, identify the cause of that struggling, and will have access to the tools to intervene and move them forward.

You’ll also find confidence and power in applying these principles in your own life, so that you feel like you too are personally moving forward, gaining mastery, growing, and becoming stronger.

If you’re looking for hope, direction, insight, and true principles to create an ecosystem for success, then this program is for you.

You have a special place in my heart. You are doing the most important work in the world, being a mother and homemaker… and for whatever reason, you’re now doing all the other work as well, having to provide for your family.

You probably feel helpless, overwhelmed at the incredible, seemingly insurmountable work in front of you. You likely look to tomorrow and don’t even know how you’re going to make it all happen, other than you have no other choice.

This program is for you.

In this program, we’re going to arm you with the same leadership and business training that I give to Fortune 500 leaders and executives. You’re going to gain newfound confidence in the workplace.

You’ll learn to identify your core strengths, and how to leverage and market those core strengths to get work that pays and feels rewarding. I’ll also personally do everything in my power to connect you to the nearly 6,000 HR leaders I’m connected to, to help you find that work.

Equally, if not more important, you’ll learn how to make the time you have with your kids count. You’ll learn how to more quickly identify when, where, and why they struggle, and will have the tools to be able to respond quickly when they do.

You’ll find new hope and confidence in your future, and you’ll discover a light within you that you have never felt before. And in that light you’ll find power. Power to overcome. Power to move forward. Power to succeed.

This program is for you.

Maybe you’re feeling stuck in your job or career. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re no longer happy, or fulfilled with the path you’re on. Maybe you’re feeling like it’s too late to change directions. Or maybe you know you want to change directions, but you’re not really sure which direction to go, or how to find out… let alone how to get started.

In this program we’ll take a good hard look at your own self identity. We’ll go through a series of steps to identify your core strengths. We’ll then help you identify an objective that aligns to those strengths, and create a plan on how to move forward.

You’ll learn the fundamental principles of succeeding in work and in life. You’ll find new hope, confidence, purpose and drive. You’ll gain that sense of resolution and personal power that comes from knowing where you’re going and seeing that you’re finally moving in the right direction.

You’ll also be learning the same principles of management, leadership, and personal success that I teach Fortune 500 leaders and executives in conferences all over the world.

If you’re ready for a change, and you’re ready to make the change, then this program is for you.

How do I attend?

Come in person ___________________________________________________

The workshops are held live in my high-tech and very comfortable workshop space in Farmington, Utah. I keep each workshop to under 30 people to keep it intimate and engaging.

262 North University Avenue Farmington, UT 84025

Join virtually ______________________________________________________

Can’t come in person? No problem. We broadcast each workshop in super-sharp 4K, and all online attendees are shown on a 55″ 4K TV on the side of the room so you can see me and I can see you. I use a professional mic and have high-quality speakers so you can always hear me clearly, and when you want to say something, we’ll all be able to hear you clearly as well!

When are they? ___________________________________________________

Classes start every week, so there’s no waiting around.

The workshops happen every Tuesday and Thursday evening (and we’ll open a Wednesday series if we need to).


Youth (ages 14 – 18)

  • Thursday night, from 5:00 – 6:30


Adults (ages 19 and up)

  • Thursday night, from 7:00 – 8:30


Once you sign up, you’ll receive full instructions on how to get started!

How much is it?

0 %
off, for a limited time

To celebrate the launch of the Escape Velocity workshop series, we’re offering a discount of 50% off for a limited time only!

Ordinarily priced at $240/mo (or $60/week), you can sign up today for only $120/mo (only $30/week)!

You’ll be getting the same content I charge organizations and leadership groups $5,000 / day, or conferences $10,000 – $15,000 an hour to present. Except you’ll get far more, because instead of a single hour, or even a single day, you’ll get 20 weeks of facilitated instruction for only $30/week ! But only if you are among the first to sign up.

Normal Pricing ___________________________________________________

  • $240/month for 20 weeks (about 5 months)
  • A one time payment of $1,200 ($60/week)

Today's Pricing ___________________________________________________

  • $120/month for 20 weeks (about 5 months)
  • A one-time payment of $600 (only $30/week)

To purchase and get started, just click the button below. It’ll take you to a secure purchase page, and then you’ll be brought back here to set up your Life Engineering account and sign up for your first workshop!

You’re Ready

Let’s start changing your life.

You don’t have to settle for where you’re at in life. You have the power within you, all you need is access to the right knowledge and tools, and suddenly your future is in your control.

You are stronger and more capable than you know. Sometimes you just need a little help. That’s what the next 20 weeks are all about. They’re about helping you. They’re about giving you what you need so that you can finally escape your past, reinvent your identity, discover your purpose, live with energy, experience happiness, and move the needle.

All you need to do is invest. Invest in yourself. Invest in your future. And invest in the people who are relying on you, and waiting for you to release the magic that is inside of you.

Sign up now.



Take control of your life, do something amazing.


Build a self-identity that inspires you


Find new meaning and direction in life.


Find new hope, passion, and energy in life.


Gain fulfillment that comes from making real progress.


Make meaningful and lasting personal progress.


Surround yourself with people who move forward.

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If you’re not entirely satisfied, you can cancel at any time and you won’t be billed for the remaining (unused) months of the workshop. If you paid in advance, we’ll refund you for every full month remaining. Also, if you need to, you can pause the workshops (and billing) at any time, then just resume when you’re ready!

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