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If you’re like most of us you have moments in your life when you feel stuck. Life Engineering’s sole obsession is helping you know why you’re stuck, get help IN THE MOMENT you know you’re stuck and help you GET and STAY unstuck. You are an amazing person, with unlimited potential who cannot afford to waste time being stuck when you could be powerfully and substantially help all of us benefit from your unique talents and abilities.


We understand/We Can Help

We have created the first online ecosystem for excellence in history. It comprises an academy of world-class help on getting unstuck, a community of people who are as focused on getting unstuck as you, a platform to connect on and a marketplace of experts on how to get unstuck.

Today, you’re entering the Academy for Individual Excellence – the control center for getting unstuck. Welcome.

Even in a world of great people some still stand out. Such is the case with Dr. Stacy Taniguchi. From the most humble and challenging of life circumstances he has pushed himself to a spectrum of accomplishments including, but not limited to climbing the 6 of the 7 Summits, guiding outdoor adventures around the world – from the Nile to the Poles and teaching experiential leadership at one of the top universities in the country. Perhaps his two greatest accomplishments, that too often disappear in a person with his resume is that he has remained deeply committed to helping individuals get unstuck and he does so from a place of deep humility. He is one of the most human superhumans you will ever meet.

One of the best ways to meet Stacy is to hear, in his own voice a powerful experience he had with someone who was stuck but wouldn’t make a small but necessary sacrifice to get unstuck.

In Red Boots and Thrive you’ve just begun to experience what the Life Engineering Ecosystem for Individual, Leadership and Organizational Excellence has to offer. Now that you’ve identified the beginning of a list of values, representing what matters most to you as well as the first pieces of your List of 100 you are ready to dive deeply into what we call the Science of the 16 Elements

The 16 Elements building on a framework we call Orbits will allow you to take what Red Boots and Thrive have

awakened in you and get purposeful about not only getting unstuck in life but launching yourself on what we call Your Journey to Purpose.

We have so much to share with you. Please make the commitment to join us now as the power of Thrive becomes the jumping off place for the experience of excellence.

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