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The Academy for Human Engagement


We all have moments in life when we feel stuck. The Center for Individual Excellence will help you know why you’re stuck, give you help in the moment you know you’re stuck, and help you get and stay unstuck.

It includes a toolset of diagnostics to help you better understand where you are, and academy of world-class content to help you increase engagement. It’s the Control Center for getting unstuck.

Getting Started

Meet Dr. Taniguchi

Stacy Taniguchi, PhD., has lived a multitude of accomplishments, including climbing 6 of the 7 Summits, guiding outdoor adventures around the world, and teaching experiential leadership at one of the top universities in the country.  Most importantly, he remains deeply committed to helping individuals become better engaged in life, and he does so from a place of deep humility. He is one of the most human superhumans you will ever meet.

new boots

To get started, watch this presentation by Dr. Taniguchi where he teaches how there are often more opportunities to succeed than we may realize, and there are always people and tools ready to help us when we get stuck. We just need to be willing to let go of whatever may be holding us down.