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There’s a distinct sense of urgency behind catching a vision early of what you want to be, and then working towards that goal with vigor. The sooner you catch that vision, the more likely it’ll be for you to achieve it.

Our lives are encumbered by self-imposed limitations. The power of belief is strong. So if you want to change the results of your life change your beliefs.

This “placebo effect” has become well documented over time, and much research has been done on it. The phenomenal reality of this effect is that when patients BELIEVE they will get better, somehow they do.

Standing out from the crowd Let’s face it; we live in a world of “mass.” Mass marketing, mass communication, massive options, massive …

Past is past. It’s behind you; let it stay. Let your past stay behind you, leaving your attention and your energies free to focus on the road ahead.

Entropy – the most persistent of adversaries Entropy. It’s a concept that describes the natural deterioration of order. It’s a process of …

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