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The Blog is where we create color and detail around our content through illustrations, stories, life events, and more. Our focus is to help individuals, leaders, and organizations achieve excellence.

Little things can give us a sense of accomplishment, which can be good in building momentum; but they can also help us justify putting off the big things that really move the needle.

There are lots of noble reasons to seek change in life. According to Vince Lombardi, chiefest among them is love.

Sometimes we give too much credit to our failures, when what we really need is just a little more of this one key thing.

Sometimes it helps to look at life through a different lens—using a powerful analogy. This one tends to be highly effective in helping us view our life objectively.

The inspiring story of Ted Williams, and why you should never judge a person by your first impression of them.

In 1939, Montgomery Ward asked employee Bob May to write a Christmas story for them to give away at Christmastime. It ended up being one of the most well-known original Christmas stories of all time. Why did it strike such a chord?

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