10 steps to make change easier

Change is difficult, but by understanding the biology behind it, we uncover 10 powerful steps that can increase our chance of success, and even make it easier.

What you need to know to find meaning in life and work

It amazes me how many people I talk to, even those well into advanced, seemingly rewarding careers, are actually not happy. Is this you? Have you found yourself thinking recently about how much you’d rather be doing something else? Do you know someone who is currently going through this?

Service Ride Control

In life, rough patches just happen, and you can’t control when they hit, how hard they hit, or how long they last. Appreciating their inevitability helps you take them in stride.

There is beauty all around

THERE IS BEAUTY ALL AROUND articles Early this morning I was on the way to the gym, when I suddenly turned the corner and stopped dead in my tracks. There had been a light fog and the sun had just broken through, casting beams of light that streamed down onto the neighborhood. I quickly pulled […]

Change your life by changing your thoughts

The more positive you think, the more positive you feel. The more positive you think and feel, the more inclined and motivated you are to act, create, improve, and change. Want to change your future? Then change your thoughts.

Sacrifice is hard

sacrifices are in no way independently substantial, but in accumulation begin to carry some weight, and there’ve already been tears shed.

The truth about consumption

Does your consumption include a healthy portion of things of real substance and eternal worth, or is it primarily made up of empty calories, fats, and sugars that provide short term pleasure at the sacrifice of long term health?

The Spider and the Fly

A short story about a spider and a fly and the lesson we can learn about not heeding flattery.

Stop trying to be someone you’re not

At this moment, is anything trying to pull you into being someone you’re not? For in reality, the more you try to become someone you’re not, the sillier you look.

Be Strong

An inspirational poem by Maltbie Davenport Babcock about being strong no matter what.

Our children cannot breathe

We’re surrounded by pollutants to our mind and our emotions as much as to our health. Each of these makes it difficult for us to breathe the sweet fresh air of life. They cloud our judgment, fog our vision, and threaten our well-being.

Life Sculptor

LIFE SCULPTOR articles In association with “It is what you make of it” and “The Builders“, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, here’s another beautiful poem supporting the same point. Life Sculpture George Washington Doane Chisel in hand stood a sculptor boy With his marble block before him, And his eyes lit up with a smile of […]

It is what you make of it

One of the greatest gifts we’ve been given in life is the ability to create. Each of us has been given our own set of blocks. What will you do with your blocks?

Do you measure yourself?

Do you measure yourself? All day today I’ve been wallowing in spreadsheets, crunching numbers, and measuring progress. The process of measurement is an incredibly powerful principle. If you try to run a business (or a product, or a department, or a team, or a family, or a class, or a relationship, or even your journey […]

Cycle Time – the power of frequency

Cycle Time – the power of frequency In software development, there’s a term called “cycle time,” or the amount of time between one event and the next. Releasing features regularly with short times in between gives your customers a sense of momentum—a sense that you’re moving—and keeps them engaged. When cycle time gets too long, […]