When the journey ahead terrifies you

Being terrified doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means you’re human. And the most important steps we take in life are often going to be the most terrifying. They’re terrifying because they’re significant. They’re terrifying because they take you from where you’ve been and set you on a path to somewhere new. And because that path is new, it is mostly unknown—and we’re afraid of the unknown. The world belongs to those who step anyway. The world needs you to take that next step.

What you need to know to find meaning in life and work

What you need to know to find meaning in life and work It amazes me how many people I talk to, even those well into advanced, seemingly rewarding careers, are actually not happy. Just within the past four weeks I’ve had a number of my closest friends communicate this to me. These are people who […]

Fault Tolerance – managing shame and self-forgiveness

Fault Tolerance – managing shame and self-forgiveness Background I’m a member of several psychology, neurology, and cognitive/behavioral groups on LinkedIn, where I’m able to participate in lots of great discussions. Today, I came across a study being conducted by Deryck Thake, a student researcher from the University of Leicester School of Psychology. Deryck is studying […]

Control vs Influence

Control vs Influence If you’re talking about your own life, control is what matters. Self-control, or self-discipline, is fundamental to your ability to succeed in anything. But if you’re talking about the life or lives of others, control is an illusion; influence is what matters. Whether it’s with your kids, your employees, your peers, or […]

There is beauty all around

There is beauty all around Early this morning I was on the way to the gym, when I suddenly turned the corner and stopped dead in my tracks. There had been a light fog and the sun had just broken through, casting beams of light that streamed down onto the neighborhood. I quickly pulled over […]

Change your life by changing your thoughts

Change your life by changing your thoughts Your mind is extraordinarily powerful. Without even thinking about it, you breathe, digest, circulate blood, release endorphins, feel, hear, taste, and see. All these things are processed instantly and automatically within your brain, with no apparent effort. Enough processing occurs within your brain and without your attention to […]

Sacrifice is hard

Sacrifice is hard Now that I’m officially unemployed, our family is having to make sacrifices. I’ve never not had a job, let alone been let go involuntarily. And for most of the lives of my six terrific kids, I’ve had not just any job, but terrific, well-paying jobs. Now all of a sudden, certain luxuries […]

If – by Rudyard Kipling

If— by Rudyard Kipling Today I wanted to share with you what has come to be my all-time favorite poem. If— by Rudyard Kipling If you can keep your head when all about you       Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,   If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,    But make allowance for their […]

Suffering in silence

Suffering in silence Last night I struggled through most of the night with a terrible recurring dream. In my dream, I had gone to the house of someone I knew to help them with something. I’m not sure who exactly this person was, only that I knew them. Once I got to their house I […]