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Escape Velocity: Your 20-Week Workshop Series

This page will act as the hub of your 20-week workshop journey, so you might want to bookmark it now. This is where you’ll come to access resources that come up during the workshop (these are things like videos, downloads, worksheets, links to websites, etc). This is also where you’ll choose the workshop sessions you plan to attend, find out where to go or how to join online, or even how to access the recording of a session you missed.

Choose how

you’re going to attend

Come in person

Terrific, we can’t wait to see you. Just come to our address at the time of your session, sit in our comfy (and colorful) chairs, listen to the pre-workshop music, and get ready to have fun.

Life Engineering is in the Life Changing Services building at:

1371 North 1075 West, Suite 1
Farmington, UT 84025

Join Virtually

Great, our workshop room is set up with a 4K camera, professional Yeti mic, and a 55″ screen so we can both see and hear each other clearly. We use Zoom for the meeting, so you’ll need to install the Zoom plugin, which you can do when you go to the URL to join your first session. Just come about 10 minutes early to be sure you have time to set it up.

Here is the URL you’ll use to register / join Thursday’s workshop live:


Step 2

Access Resources

from past workshops

Click on an Element icon here to view the associated workshop resources. As we continue to cover elements,
each of them will show up here, taking you to the all the resources of that element.
Objective is about choosing a destination you care about. It’s about having a higher cause, and finding purpose in life. Because feeling like you’re moving forward, toward a destination that matters, or finding purpose to your pursuits is a fundamental element of building and maintaining momentum in life.
Alignment is about learning how to stay on course. It’s about putting in place the proper diagnostics and feedback mechanisms so that if you start to get off course you can detect it early and correct it quickly. Or if you need to change course, you figure that out equally fast.
Plan is about having a “way forward” strategy for all of your critical contexts. That is for every area of your life that you care most about, you should have a deliberate, carefully thought through strategy for evolution and forward progress. In this session we’ll teach some of the foundational things that should guide the process of creating that way-forward strategy.
Element 5, Space is all about figuring out what's holding you back and what you need to move forward.
Space is about anticipating and removing barriers, and making that part of your plan. It’s about figuring out what’s holding back, what might hold you up once you get started, and what you’ll need to reach your destination or accomplish your objective. When you are deliberate enough to think through at least the next steps to your next milestone across all of your critical contexts, then you significantly increase your chance of success.
16 Elements - Score - How to measure progress in life
Score is about measuring progress against each of your critical contexts. It helps you assess the effectiveness of your plan. It helps you ensure accurate perceptions about the things that matter most in life. And it helps motivate movement. When you do score right, you meaningfully impact your motivation to move forward and the likelihood that you’ll hit your objectives.
16 Elements - Building and sustaining momentum in life

Momentum is all about leveraging the energy of movement to create more movement. It’s the idea that people in motion tend to stay in motion, while people at rest tend to stay at rest. It’s the tools and techniques that helps you construct your way-forward strategy in a way that maximizes movement, creating early inertia to help you keep moving forward.

Investment is all about putting something on the line, and having skin in the game

Investment is all about two things. First, it’s about adequately investing in your efforts in order to build momentum and ensure their success. For if you aren’t adequately invested, they’ll fail to make progress. But investment is also about putting some skin in the game. It’s about putting something on the line and having something to lose. If you don’t have something to lose, then you most likely will.

Growth is about pursuing excellence. It’s about stepping up when a challenge is bigger than ourselves, instead of stepping back. It’s about stepping forward, even when we think we’re not ready. It’s about a fostering relentless determination to improve, to learn, to develop, and to progress personally, even if slowly. It’s also the natural outcome of the best objectives.

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