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The 16 Elements of

The 16 Elements of Success

A Personal journey
to excellence

The hugely popular “6 Pillars” Framework is a proven approach to accelerating your success, imbuing your life with purpose, increasing your happiness, and advancing your personal and professional life.

It not only gives you more control over the outcomes of your own life, it also arms you with the understanding of how to be a positive influence in the lives of others.

Life Engineering Scorecards

It’s based on the critically acclaimed 16 Elements of Success, a major breakthrough in the science of what keeps people engaged (and moving forward in life), and has now been tested, tried, and proven in products and experiences used by millions of people.

After more than 20 years of research, development, and testing, we’ve been teaching the 16 Elements at keynotes at major conferences, in leadership development seminars, and to executives and large organizations.

Now, after several years of dedicated effort, we’ve completely redesigned that training and packaged it in an all new “6 Pillars” model designed to bring this new science of success to individuals, in an easy-to-learn, easy-to-afford, entertaining and insightful format.

The 6 Pillars of Success
will give you the power to build
and maintain momentum in life.

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