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why energy matters most

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let's go deeper on energy

The Energy Iceberg (Part 1)

Understanding the role of energy in personal progress

When it comes to achievement, there are only three variables... time, talent and energy. We focus on time and talent... but energy matters most. Learn about the interplay of these three, and how optimizing for energy will be the main driver of your success.


The Energy Iceberg (Part 2)

How optimizing energy will give you the most thrust

As you move forward on your Journey to Purpose, you must continually draw on the three main levers of personal progress… time, talent, and energy. In this course we'll talk about the limits of time and talent and how to leverage energy to maximize momentum.


The 16 Elements - An Overview

The fundamental components of energy

These are the fundamental ingredients for activating the energy inside of you to achieve excellence and success in life. Distilled from over 20 years of research, these elements form the foundation of the Life Engineering move-forward methodology.