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Our Business of HR Webinar series is designed exclusively for the HR professional who wants to be at the top of their game, is looking to excel within their business and become a lynchpin in life as well as at work.

In this webinar series we give you an HR-Exclusive lens into our core models and frameworks and how they apply to the HR situations you face TODAY.

While the HR Business Seminar series arms you with a foundational understanding of our timeless frameworks, the webinar series is where we build the connective tissue to issues and problems you face at work (and in life) right now.

We take our core intellectual property and connect it to things like culture, performance, productivity, satisfaction, engagement, leadership, managers and so much more.

We also get really practical by connecting it to very specific things you do, like recruiting, hiring, onboarding, terminating, and the other activities critical to HR doing what they need to do and solving the complex problems they solve.

These webinars are taught by Rusty Lindquist, our founder and CEO, who is one of the most requested speakers and webinar hosts for SHRM and who has been a thought leader in the Human Capital Management world for over a decade.

how does it work?

Once you sign up, or when you log in, you’ll be taken to your HR Command Center, which serves as the launching point for all the content and tools and help you’re about to receive.

Within the Command Center, simply click on “HR Webinar Series” and you’ll be taken to a page that lists the upcoming webinars, when they’ll be, and how to register to attend.

You get an unlimited, all-access pass, which means you can attend them all, and as often as you like. 

Webinars are usually held twice a month, and you’ll know well in advance the roadmap of upcoming webinars so you can schedule to join live!

And if you miss one? We’ve got you covered. We’ll be sharing snippets and highlights online in your membership area.

At the end of every webinar, we always open it up to dialog and discussion, so if you have questions on implementing the content, you can get answers!

What’s more, we continue that conversation in the comments section on the recorded excerpts, so you can continue to engage the community and our own team on discussing, understanding and implementing the things you learn.

And if you need more help, you can access additional support in our HR Business members-only LinkedIn Group!

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HR business Academy

A constantly growing academy of HR, leadership and executive-level content that will boost your business acumen and give you the level-up resources you need to become the lynchpin you were meant to be.



You get an unlimited, all-access pass to our bi-weekly seminar series, designed exclusively for HR. We'll give an HR-focused tour through our core models and frameworks and how to implement them.



You get a full pass to our Individual Achievement Essentials. This membership is an add-on to your HR academy & tools, designed as a life management system to help you build and maintain momentum in life!

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Right now, perhaps more than in the last 20 years, human resource jobs are some of the most important jobs in business, forcing HR to up their game.


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