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The Men of Moroni and Sons of Helaman programs from Life Changing Services are the most sophisticated and spiritually informed addiction recovery programs available.

Part of the science is understanding that overcoming an addiction and moving forward in life are not two separate problems, they’re interwoven into one.  When you take an addiction out of someone’s life, it leaves a significant gap. That gap must be filled with quality activities that require great passion. Working on removing an addiction and replacing it with Passion Projects at the same time is critical to both recovery and preventing relapse.

Now Life Changing Services (the experts in addiction recovery) has partnered with Life Engineering (the experts in moving forward) to create the Passion Project program. It’s based on the 6 Pillars of Success, a framework that is taught all over the country to help individuals and organizations achieve excellence.

Now you get to experience it all…. every workshop, every course, every webinar… all our content for the duration of your journey.

The idea isn’t just to get you back to ground zero. The idea is to help you find and fulfill your purpose… to propel you forward so that you can achieve the success you’re truly capable of.

Here’s an introduction to the program by Maurice Harker, Founder and Director of the Sons of Helaman and Men of Moroni programs and author of “Like Dragons Did They Fight”.

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Command Center

Your access to all membership privileges

The Command Center is where you begin your journey. Immediately after purchase, or after logging in, you are taken directly to the Command Center. Here you will be able to access all the resources available to you as part of your membership. For an overview of each of these features, just keep reading.

New features are being added regularly, and when they do, they’ll show up here. We even like to show some of the features we’re working on before we release them, so you can see what’s coming even before they’re out.

Passion Project Group

Group training, accountability, and project sharing

This monthly group meeting is where we help you move forward with your passion project. This isn’t just casual, unstructured advice. Using “situational instruction”, we’ll use real world examples from your own passion project to teach the same frameworks, models, and principles we teach executives and leaders in large organizations on how to achieve success.

Passion Project Group is designed to run alongside your current group meetings, but only once a month.

We have separate group meetings for Sons of Helaman and Men of Moroni, so that we can better tailor the instruction to the types of projects you’ll be working on. It’s all on online, through Zoom.

Passion Project Coaching

Your access to all membership privileges

Getting stuck is part of every journey… so getting unstuck should be part of every plan. In the 6 Pillars Model, this is the “Recovery” pillar. Your Passion Project Membership gives you a number of ways to get unstuck, including one on one help through Passion Project Coaching.

Passion Project Coaching connects you to one of our Life Support Specialists, trained on helping you achieve success with your Passion Project. Through our special Life Support Ticketing System, you can now access help in moving forward in your life, as easy as creating a technical support ticket through your most used websites! Help is now only a ticket away.

6 Pillars of Success Seminars

An all-access pass

Included in your Passion Project Membership plan is an all-access pass to our hugely popular 6 Pillars online seminar series.

Each seminar is a highly concentrated, two hour session where we give you a high-energy, inspirational and informational overview of the elements contained in each pillar, and the role of that pillar in your life. While details of each element can be found in the Academy (which is also included in your membership… see below), these seminars are a great way to periodically refresh your memory of the Pillars and their corresponding elements.

Your All-Access Pass allows you to attend at any time, and as many times as you’d like. We hold them periodically throughout the year, and you can sign up as often as you want.

6 Pillars of Success Workbooks

Your printable, personalized guide

Included in your Passion Project Membership plan is the ability to access printable pdf versions of our official 6-Pillars Workbooks.

Each workbook is designed to be personal, interactive companion volumes to the 16 Element courses found in the Life Engineering Academy (which is also included in your membership).

Filled with additional stories, anecdotes, and illustrations, as well as countless thought-provoking questions, these workbooks will deepen your understanding of each element.

You’ll increase your situational awareness of that element in life, and you’ll find it easier to apply that element, increasing the power and personal benefit you get from activating yet another element of success into your life.

Passion Project Academy

Our world-class online masterclass series

It’s very hard to succeed at something you don’t know how to do. Knowledge is one of the core drivers of success, and at Life Engineering we’re dedicated to bringing knowledge within reach.

The 16 Elements form the foundation of the Life Engineering Academy. They’re the result of over two decades of research, development, and testing. They are the new science of success, or what is now called “behavioral engineering”.

The 16 Underlying Elements of individual, leadership and organizational success

We’ve tested these principles in products that have been used by millions of people. We’ve presented them as keynotes at major conferences, and teach them in leadership development seminars and to executives in large organizations.

And now you get to learn about them from the comfort of… wherever you are.

With over 45 hours of online training, you’ll have an in-depth tour of every element, every course, and all the curriculum we offer, including new courses that we add regularly.

Passion Project Planner for Sons of Helaman and Men of Moroni addiction recovery services

Passion Project Planner

A step by step guide to a successful passion project

The fastest path to kickstarting your passion project is to jump right in with the Passion Project Planner.

Included in your passion project membership, the Passion Project Planner is step by step guide to help you move forward with your passion project. Designed specifically for Sons of Helaman and Men of Moroni, the Passion Project Planner will walk you through the steps you need to take to both choose, and then make the most of your passion project.

Principle Knowledge Base

Principles to give you power in life

There are fundamental principles that govern the world around you, including how to succeed in any endeavor. Your ability to reach (and sustain) that success is largely based upon how well you understand and use those principles.

The Principle Knowledge base is where you can come to learn some of these fundamental principles so that you can have the knowledge and power to be successful in life, as well as to educate and influence others to succeed also. Unlike the Academy, which is all about structured learning, the Principle Knowledge Base is about unstructured, free-form learning.

Each principle is thoroughly explained and well illustrated for the visual learner. At the end of every principle is a section on how to apply this principle as an individual, as a leader, and as a parent.

The principles in the Knowledge Base are referred to often throughout the courses in the Academy, and we’re adding new principles all the time. Feel free to check out The Emotional Hype Cycle as an illustration.

Life Transformation Toolkit

Tools that power personal progress

Life Engineering is all about the disciplined pursuit of excellence. The Life Transformation Toolkit is a set of companion apps, instruments, and assessments built to accompany the Life Engineering process.

These tools are built to power personal progress and are referred to (and instructed on) during both the 6 Pillars Seminar Series as well as throughout the courses in the Life Engineering Academy and the Principle Knowledge Base.

All this is included
in your Passion Project Membership

Passion Project Training
is designed to give you power

The 6 Pillars of Success, based upon the 16 Elements of Success framework

the power to overcome,
the power to move forward

The Passion Project Training program has been designed to help you activate your passions toward something new, something productive, something meaningful and exciting… to be anxiously engaged in a good cause.

Redirecting your passions and giving your mind something constructive and compelling to think about is fundamental to overcoming addiction.

It’ll force you to focus forward, instead of backward. You’ll find a new sense of self, a new identity, a purpose and reason for getting up in the morning, and a reason to hold your head high.

Passion Project Training is based on our proprietary “6 Pillars” model.

You’ll begin by taking your very own PurposeFinder Assessment, which will give you direction to identifying your passion project. We’ll then take you through the courses of ORIENT, where you’ll reset your perspective, re-write your identity, choose a passion-project objective, and create a plan to move forward.

Then we’ll help you EXECUTE where you’ll learn how to build momentum, invest in your efforts, keep score and stay on your path. In EMPOWER will help you build a team, access mentors, change your environment and create space to move forward. Finally in ACHIEVE you’ll learn how to see your impact, growth and the value of your work, all while maintaining balance in life.

This is a journey you won’t want to miss.


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