Are You Running Through Mud?

Have you ever tried running through mud? It’s not something to undertake on a whim. Different tools and skills are needed. In life, we sometimes get stuck and need to learn new tools and skills. We can help provide those life-saving tools that will reach for you in your most vulnerable moments, and help pull you out of the mud.

How great leaders inspire action – the golden circle

How great leaders inspire action – the golden circle The following TED talk, given by Simon Sinek, describes how it is that great leaders inspire action—why some people are able to achieve things when others are not. He explains the brilliant, biologically-based “Golden Circle,” a new way of looking at how people approach what they […]

Control vs Influence

Control vs Influence If you’re talking about your own life, control is what matters. Self-control, or self-discipline, is fundamental to your ability to succeed in anything. But if you’re talking about the life or lives of others, control is an illusion; influence is what matters. Whether it’s with your kids, your employees, your peers, or […]

The principle of scarcity

The principle of scarcity The principle of scarcity is simple. We tend to place the highest value on things that are rare. Gold, diamonds, vacations, winning the lottery—you get the idea. We tend to see far less value in things that are more common or are readily available, but that may actually be substantially more […]

Finding your own personal sweet spot

Finding your own personal sweet spot In the world of business there’s this little thing called the COP model. COP is an acronym where each letter stands for “Competency,” “Opportunity,” and “Passion,” respectively. Opportunity means there’s a demand or a need for what you do. If you imagine each as a circle (as I diagrammed […]

Principle based leadership

Principle based leadership We all are given opportunities to lead. Some lead vast organizations, others small teams, and still others, a family. A leader is one who is so clearly focused on the destination that they’re able to direct the paths of others. A leader helps you see where you are, where you need to […]

Gravity’s lesson on influence (watch your environment)

Gravity’s lesson on influence (watch your environment) Yesterday’s experience at the car dealership caused me to reflect on a principle I’ve often taught and thought about. It’s the power of gravity. Gravitation is the natural phenomenon by which all objects with mass attract each other. Every object in our environment exerts a force upon us. […]

Standing out from the crowd

Standing out from the crowd Let’s face it; we live in a world of “mass.” Mass marketing, mass communication, massive options, massive competition… everywhere we turn there’s a massive host of alternatives. But somehow, every so often, a leader emerges. It’s someone who somehow figured out a way to do whatever it was remarkably better […]