What does it take to be a hero? In truth, not much.

Sure, there are elaborate heroes who do things to change the world. But you don’t have to change the whole world, all you have to do is find someone in need and change their world.

If a child asks you to come play ball, or Barbies, or jump on the tramp, or swing them, or read them a book, or tell them a story, and you stop and do it… you’re their hero.

If you see someone at the checkout counter who didn’t bring enough money, and you step in and make up the difference… you’re their hero.

If you see someone on the side of the road and help them change their tire, or jump-start their car, or pull them out… you’re their hero.

If you see someone having a bad day, put your arm around them, give them a smile, and offer some encouragement… you’re their hero.

If you’re always the one to look on the bright side of things, to point out the positive, to provide energy and spirit to those around you… you quickly become their hero.

If you see someone new in your neighborhood, in your school, in your church, or in your office, and you take the time to get to know them, ask them questions, make them feel welcome, and be their friend… you’re their hero.

Being a hero doesn’t always require heroic effort, just the right effort at the right time.  And usually the amount of effort required is vastly disproportionate to the impact you have.  Sure, there are big things that you can do (and big things that need to be done), but more pervasive are those little opportunities that constantly surround us where we see someone in need, step in, and help.

Our environments are composed of hundreds of opportunities such as this—the building blocks of heroism.

So look around you and be a hero.


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  1. i love this post and totally agree! i might pinch the idea one day…. thanks for reminding me that I AM A HERO – as i am off to play barbies with my wee girl :o) blessings, fireball

  2. Please do – spread the word. Sometimes we get intimidated by the magnitude of a task. We become so intimidated by the enormity of the overall end goal, that we neglect doing the small, simple steps that would get us there. But usually those are what matter most.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. If you think about it, we are surrounded by heroes every day. Many even qualify as “angels”.

  4. I love this post especially because I have been thinking abou this a lot myself recently. I need to jump in and do more of the “little things” instead of always looking around or waiting around for the big things.

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