Introducing the

Change Enablement System


This is not your mom’s self-help solution.

For the first time ever, the best principles and practices from a vast array of fields and disciplines have been brought together into a single comprehensive system designed to help you do one thing: Take control of your life.

After more than 20 years of research across dozens of disciplines, industries, and scientific fields, I’ve synthesized it all into what I affectionately call, the Change Enablement System.
It’s founded on research from the fields of cognitive and behavioral psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics, business, product management, engineering, physics, and yes, even rocket science!

It borrows best-practices and methodologies from the disciplines of business management, product management, marketing, agile development, manufacturing, and engineering. But it’s been distilled and packaged for every-day people in every-day situations.

But be warned, Life Engineering will change you. It’s a movement, a way of living. It will challenge the way you think. It will push you, and change the way you see yourself and the world around you. You’ll be engineering life itself.

If that sounds exciting… welcome.

Systems for Members

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Escape Velocity Framework
Principle Knowledge Base
Life Engineering Toolkit
Engineers eBook Library
Support Community
Personal Success Lab
Personal Command Center
Life Engineers Store
Life Coaching Center

Meet Steve

Steve’s our member guide. He’ll show you around and help you get comfortable.

Principle Knowledge Base

True principles put you in control of life

When you understand the principles that govern success, you gain power to achieve it. Failure has very little to do with you, but is usually due to insufficient knowledge or skill.
The Principle Knowledge Base increases your chance of success by teaching you powerful principles derived from numerous scientific fields and industry disciplines, but applied to life. Knowledge gives you control. The way you view the world is about to change.

Life-Engineers Toolkit

Powerful tools pave your path to success

Major endeavors can be deconstructed into a set of smaller skills and activities. Approaching these skills and activities independently allows you to perfect them in pieces, and summon them on demand. If you want to win big, learn to win small first.
Life Engineering will teach you what these core skills are, how to apply them, and provides activities to help you perfect them. This creates a foundation of strength and competence that will increase your confidence in every aspect of life.

Escape Velocity

A framework for personal progress

Escape velocity describes what it takes for an object to leave the gravitational pull of the earth. Just like a rocket is held captive by gravity, in life we too are held back by gravitational pulls… The gravitational pull of our past, of our self-beliefs, our peers, our environment, our labels, our emotions, our habits, etc. These exert a gravitational pull on us, preventing us from progressing in life. Escape Velocity is a framework, a set of books, principles, and tools that will show you how to experience meaningful and lasting change by escaping those pulls.
Once inside, be sure to check out the principles “Understanding Gravity”, “Newton’s laws of motion on life”, “Expulsion Propulsion Systems” and others.

Support Community

Build a social foundation for success

One of the core tenets of Life Engineering is the impact of our environment. Chiefest among those is our social environment, which can be extremely enabling. The Life Engineering Community is a forum of people, just like you, who are determined to take control of their lives, and willing to invest in their own personal progress. Joining this group creates a strong social-supply line to fuel your own change efforts.
Once inside, be sure to check out the principles “Environmental Controls” and “Emotional Supply Lines”.

eBook Library

The art and science of engineering your life

One of the core tenets of Life Engineering is the impact of our environment, especially our social environment, which can be one of the most enabling (or debilitating) of them all.
The Life Engineering Community is a forum of people, just like you, determined to take control of their lives, and willing to invest in their own personal progress. Joining this group gives you an environmental leg-up, and creates a strong social-supply line to fuel your own change efforts.

Personal Command Center

Your daily trajectory and launch guide

Every day you wake up and decide who you’re going to be for that day. The person you decide to be most often becomes your legacy. Your personal Command Center is the place you go to chart your day, your week, your month, and your life. It’s the place you go every day to make sure the work you do that day is propelling your life in the right direction, and to measure the results of the day prior.
Every day is special, because it is a package of opportunity given to each of us equally. Make sure you do your day right.

Personal Success Lab

Building a path towards personal perfection

Benjamin Franklin had 13 principles he would cycle through, each week focusing on just one. This concept is true to the heart of Life Engineering. Our capacity to perform in critical circumstances in life lie in how well we perfect a set of underlying principles and skills. In the Personal Success Lab, you’ll identify the ones you want to work on, and make them your focus for a duration of your choosing, capturing with journal entries your observations, thoughts, and feelings on that principle while you endeavor to perfect it.
See principles: Microcosms and Personal Progress, Controlled Failure, Fault Tolerance, and more.

Life Coaching Center

For those who want a little extra help

You are capable of greatness. In fact, it’s already within you. Sometimes all you need is a little push, or some personal guidance from someone who can see in you what you don’t yet.
As your life coach, I’ll personally introduce you to the principles and practices of Life Engineering.  I’ll help you discover who you are, see your potential and find a clear objective.  I’ll help you chart a course to get there, and guide you along the way.
It’s your life. Don’t settle for less.

Life Labs Store

Arm yourself with the tools you need

In the Life Labs store, members receive discounts on an assortment of products and services, everything from personalized mission posters (to further control your environment), to mission emblems to iconify your change objectives, to personal coaching packages.
You’ll also find a curation of non-Life-Engineering books that are true to the spirit of the Life Engineer and teach powerful principles that can help you take control of your life.

In The Lab

These systems are currently in spec, design, or development

Trajectory Tracker
Life Refueling Center
Assessment Center
Success Probability Index
Personal Change Planner

Special introductory offer

for a limited time, you get unlimited access!

This year we’ll bring each system online, and an annual Premium Membership (full access) will be almost $1200.
But for this month only, we’re giving away a full year subscription of premium access for only $49.
You’ll have immediate access to Escape Velocity, the revolutionary framework for personal progress; the Principle Knowledge Base, the heart of the Change Enablement System; the Life Engineers Support Community, a social foundation for success; several books that show you how to engineer your life; and access to every other system the moment it’s available.
It’s a one-time, limited offer in celebration of our official online launch! There’s just one question left…


to take control of your life?

I’ve done the work. I’ve spent 20 years assembling the best principles, practices, and methodologies from across industries, disciplines, and scientific fields, and have synthesized it into a simple system that will teach you how to take control of your life by engineering it. You just have to decide if that’s worth something to you.
So if you feel like there’s got to be more to life than this… if you can sense that there’s more within you, but can’t seem to get it out… if you feel like you could use a boost, or more power and control in your life, then join the movement, and welcome to Life Engineering.
After all, this is your life, you should make the most of it.
I’ll see you on the inside. Engineer.

  • Escape your past!

    Take control of your life, do something amazing!

  • Discover your purpose!

    Find new meaning and direction in life.

  • Live with energy!

    Find new hope, passion, and energy for life.

  • Experience happiness!

    Fulfillment that comes from making real progress.

  • Move the needle!

    Make meaningful and lasting personal progress.

The leading framework for achieving success in life

Life Engineering
The disciplined pursuit of excellence

Life Engineering is dedicated to helping individuals, parents, leaders, and organizations achieve excellence. We provide the tools and the training, the motivation and the methodology to move beyond where you’ve been, to go farther than you thought you could… to achieve more, to become more. It’s about more than just success.

It’s the disciplined pursuit of excellence.