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Identify Objectives for Living a Life to Thrive


an overview

Decide to Thrive. “It is a choice,” says Taniguchi. “You have to decide whether you want to endure or thrive in this life, and if you want to thrive, then you have got to prioritize it.”

He continues, “Think deeply and thoughtfully about what you put on that list. Look for things that are important to you today and will be important to you in a decade from now.” For more, visit our free Thrive course.


In the tool below, click on “Add” to identify an objective that will help you live a life to thrive. Feel free to name it whatever you want and put as much in your description as needed to add clarity to your objective. See more.

Start with one or two. Dr. T took years to grow his list to 100. You can edit but not delete your items, because we don’t want you to think of excuses to not do what you desired. And make sure these objectives reflect your Core Values.

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