a single platform for

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running a business

or a high-performing team

is harder now than it's ever been.

This is the most ferocious economic battleground in history. For a leader or a business to succeed at a time like this, you have to solve for so many variables. 

Chief among those variables: your peopleThey’re the lifeblood of your organization. But they’re also the most challenging variable to solve for, and it’s only getting harder.

We provide a platform of cutting-edge, science-based online assessments, coupled with a powerful suite of results-based learning, training and consulting.

Understanding and optimizing your people is the fastest way to transform your business, because businesses don’t create value, people do.

Personality profiles

free For candidates

Have you ever made a bad hire? It’s painful, expensive, and confusing. You measure for skills and experience (what’s on the resume), but it’s not the resume that shows up to work, it’s the personality. That begs the question:

How do you measure personality to determine fit?

Life Engineering personality profiles let you look deep into the qualification of candidates by understanding who they are and what motivates them. You can even compare their profile to a top performer profile, so you’re always hiring the candidate with the highest likelihood of success.

Best of all, candidate profiles are completely free!

Personality profiles


We live in the age of individualization. Employees expect you to individualize their work for them, and if you don’t, they grow dissatisfied, disengaged, and depart.

But how do you really know who they are and what they want? More importantly, how do you do this at scale?

Our Personality Profiles give you unprecedented insight into who your employees are and what they care about. Our Composite profiles allow you to identify what they have in common so you can focus on individualization efforts that have the highest likelihood of impacting the most people.

Increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and performance through alignment and optimization.

engagement assessments


We live in an epidemic of disengagement.  Disengagement has become the defining characteristic of this generation. Up to 70% of the workforce is disengaged, delivering only 20% of their total performance capacity. So the question is:

Are you measuring and managing engagement?

Our engagement assessment tells you what parts of the organization are disengaged, why they’re disengaged, and exactly what you can do to solve for that disengagement. What’s more, it connects seamlessly with our personality profiles, so you can know how to prioritize those solutions.

Engagement is how you put the force of work back into the workforce.

satisfaction assessments


Employee satisfaction is a key driver of employee engagement, employee retention and employee performance. It’s also one of the easiest things to measure and gives you instant insights into employee morale.

Do you know how satisfied your employees are?

Our satisfaction assessments (ENPS and ESS) are designed to integrate perfectly with our engagement and personality assessments, giving you a comprehensive view of the emotional undercurrent flowing through your organization.

Employee satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction.

Achievement academy


We live in a knowledge economy. And in a knowledge economy the organizations that invest in the acquisition of knowledge are the organizations that will win. 

But not all knowledge is created equal.

Our academy of courses, created by a world-class team of life experts, management consultants, doctors, explorers and therapists, was deliberately designed to focus on helping individuals and leaders be healthy and high performing. What’s more, they directly integrate with assessment results.

Facilitate learning with results-driven online courseware.

Training and development


There’s huge value to online, on-demand content that connects to your assessment results, but sometimes there’s no replacement for actual live training. There’s an energy, a connectedness, and a power to a shared experience like that

Our training is designed to educate, inspire and unite.

We have assembled an incredible inventory of training to meet the biggest demands placed on teams and orgs today. Built and developed by an entire team of experienced trainers and consultants, it’s designed to tie into all the assessments and our online academy!

It’s a rich and robust, integrated learning experience.

management consulting & coaching


Unlike most other assessment organizations, who only offer diagnostic solutions but no post-assessment support, for us…

Assessments are only the beginning of the conversation.

Once you have your assessment results, we then partner with you to identify insights and take action in ways that are immediate and practical, and produce meaningful and measurable results.

We don’t consult and leave.

We then stay with you, using ongoing assessments to measure those results, taking mutual accountability in a true partnership to organizational progress and performance.