We’re on a mission

Our mission is to help individuals, parents, leaders, and organizations everywhere achieve excellence.

We believe in the idea of excellence. That each of us has the ability to move beyond where we’ve been, to go further than we thought we could… to do more, achieve more and become more.

We believe that excellence can be achieved by the disciplined application of true principles, carefully crafted tools, sound methodology and sustained effort.

Our goal is to bring excellence within reach by providing you easy access to all of these.

This is Life Engineering
The disciplined pursuit of excellence

Leadership Excellence

The 6 Pillars of Success, from the 16 Elements of Success

Discover the

all-new science

of success

For over two decades, we’ve been searching for the answer to one question: What are the fundamental elements that lead someone to succeed in life?

We drew from the very latest in the fields of game theory, organizational behavior, behavioral psychology, cognitive psychology, sports psychology and more. Then we synthesized that research and distilled our findings into 16 fundamental elements that fuel success and momentum in life.

These elements are the underlying architecture of an all-new science in behavior engineering. It’s a new discipline called behavioral design, and it’s being embraced by leading individuals and organizations as the new frontier of success.

During the last 20 years, we’ve been out on the cutting edge of this new discipline. We’ve been building products, testing assumptions, and applying these principles in commercial, organizational, individual and leadership contexts.

The products we’ve built have been used by tens of millions of people. We’ve presented these 16 Elements as keynotes at large conferences, in seminars, and leadership development training sessions. We’ve presented them to leaders from Fortune 500 organizations and to sold-out crowds of thousands… but all in expensive, large-scale settings.

We wanted this exclusive, premium content to be available to every individual, every youth, every parent, every leader and every organization.

And now the internationally acclaimed 16 Elements training is available to everyone through an all-new “6 Pillars” masterclass series!

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Now we’re making this science of success
available to you!

The 6 Pillars of


A journey to excellence

To help make learning and applying the 16 Elements even easier, we’ve broken them down into a construct consisting of four cornerstones and two wing systems. Each cornerstone represents a core aspect of what motivates us to move forward, while the wings help stabilize our journey.

These 6 Pillars of Personal Progress pave the way for your own personal journey to success and individual excellence.

We want to invite you on that journey so you too can achieve the breakthrough success you’ve been waiting for.

We’re now making this learning journey available to everyone in two formats. First, it will be available as an online masterclass series, making it easy for everyone to participate. Second, we’re making it available as a live workshop series for those who want a more intimate learning experience.

Now available as an online masterclass,
or coming soon as an in-person workshop series!

The Principle

Knowledge Base

Learn to act, and not be acted upon
The Principle Knowledge base is where you learn the principles to succeed in life

Over the course of our extensive journey to discover the 16 Elements of Success, we actually discovered so much more. We uncovered an entire landscape of powerful principles that govern human behavior.

We were compelled by how predictably these principles drive behavior and the incredible ways they are being actively used “against us” in commercial settings. We were also surprised at just how much they surfaced. They have so much potential to be used for good, in our own lives and in the lives of others, that we just had to give you access to them too.