Congratulations, Impact is one of your primary motivators!

You are someone who, above and beyond almost all else, cares about making a difference.

To you, the knowledge that you are making a difference, that you are making an impact, is a primary motivator for action.

You actively look for opportunities to contribute value, even if you have no other connection to the activity other than the knowledge that you can make a positive impact. That enough is sufficient to drive you to invest and give and work and push forward.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re not sure if you’re making a difference, or worse, if you can tell that you’re not making a difference, this will have a disproportionate impact on you. It will cause you to want to immediately go seek to invest your efforts and attention elsewhere, because to you, making an impact is paramount.

But it’s not just enough to make an impact. That can be enough to get you involved, at first, but to stay involved, to stay engaged, to continue to invest, you have to believe in the value of the impact you’re making. You have to care about the difference you make and the impact you have.

But when both of those things are true… when you know that you are making a difference, and you care about the difference you are making, you will move mountains. Few things can stop you when you find yourself in that situation.

This is one of the most powerful internal motivators, and it’s a superpower that will allow you to do amazing things in your life.

Because of your deep, innate appreciation for having an impact, you may, at times, be tempted to stop investing, to lean out and disengage if the evidence of impact is obscure, unseen, or presumed absent.

But sometimes it’s not that you’re not making a difference, but rather that you’ve lost sight of the difference that you’re making.

Be careful to not pull away from something important, just because you feel like you’re not making a difference. First seek to look deeper to identify what difference you may be making, because sometimes that impact can be deep, below the waterline of what you’d ordinarily observe.

As you actively seek opportunities where you can have an impact, and where you care about the impact you have, you will find an internal motivation that is a force of nature. It will drive you to do great things, even when others may have tired out and given up.

Your innate sense of impact can also be used to help others identify, understand, and appreciate the impact they may be having. Impact is a strong, motivational force, but some don’t experience the driving power behind it because they lack the ability to identify and appreciate the impact you have.

You can use your understanding of impact to connect them to that power, and by so doing, become a powerful force for good in their lives.


Congratulations, Growth is one of your core motivators!

You are someone that has a strong, internal sense of who you are capable of becoming. You’re not intimidated by the gap between who you are today and who you know you can become. In fact, that gap is exciting to you. That gap makes you want to stretch, to reach, and to grow.

This is a rare and beautiful attribute. Whereas so many others find themselves at a gap and may feel bad about themselves, or may shrink back and disengage, you respond differently. You stand up, step forward, lean in, and go to work changing who you are into who you can become.

You have a deep appreciation for the malleability of self—the ability of a person to change, grow, adapt, evolve and become something else, something new, something better.

This appreciation drives you and propels you. It’s an enthusiasm for constantly reaching to be better and become more.

This is a powerful internal motivator, and it will cause you to become great over the course of your life. Let this desire to be better move you and propel you to move forward, to try new things, to take risks, to learn and to challenge yourself.

Many will not understand you or the crazy things you may do. This is only because they don’t see the world the way you do. They may tend to view the self as more crystallized and concrete. Where they see a fully-forged creation, you still see wet clay. And even more, the opportunity to sink your hands in and mold that clay is a powerful driver for you.

Your profound appreciation for Growth will propel you to become better. You will thrive in opportunities where you are stretched and that cause you to have to grow to succeed.

Conversely, if you find yourself lingering overlong in a situation that doesn’t challenge you, or doesn’t result in the sense of personal or professional development, you will quickly disengage and seek growth elsewhere.

Your appreciation for growth and the adaptable, evolvable nature of self is a perspective that you can provide to others who may be locked into a particular view of who they are or what they’re capable of.

You have the opportunity to be a profound influence in their lives as you advocate for personal development and change and a more flexible view of one’s own capabilities.

Continue to seek out opportunities to grow, and you will find tremendous satisfaction and enjoyment out of life.

Personality Description Overview, Element: Value

Congratulations, Value is one of your core motivators! 

You are someone who innately understands and appreciates value—both receiving value and being valued.

You have a deep understanding of your own worth, of the value of your work and your time and your investment.

Because of this appreciation for your own worth, you have a strong sense of “rightness” when it comes to whether or not you’re adequately valued for the value you provide.

These exchanges of value are something you see clearly when others don’t.

This understanding of the balance of value can likely often lead you to feel betrayed when you feel undervalued. You may feel angered at the injustice when value given isn’t appropriately rewarded.

Not everyone has your highly tuned sense of value and balance in an exchange, and so you may often have to be patient, and work to not take offense when you feel like there’s an imbalance in an exchange of value.

Your superpower of understanding this at a level that others don’t gives you an opportunity to be a great influence in advocating for fairness, for rightness, and for an equal exchange.

You find the most motivation when the things you do are highly valued, and when that value is expressed openly and abundantly.

At the same time, you can quickly lose energy and disengage if you feel like you are undervalued or that value is unrecognized.

This internal understanding of the value of someone can be a cause you to be a powerful influence in the lives of others. Many people fail to perceive their own value, or fail to advocate enough for their value to be adequately and appropriately recognized.

You can be an advocate for them, helping them appreciate their own worth and helping them learn to recognize and require fair compensation and recognition of the value they provide.

As you work to turn this skill outward, in helping others, you will find an added measure of satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

Search for opportunities where you can add value—and where that value is both recognized and rewarded.

Personality Description Overview, Element: Renewal

Congratulations, Renewal is one of your core motivators!

You have a strong sense of your own internal energy. You can tell when that energy is high, and when it is low. You’re sensitive to things that sap your energy and you are naturally drawn to things that restore that energy.

This is an abnormally strong internal barometer for you, and you have a higher degree of sensitivity to that internal scale of energy than most.

As such, you find great value in activities that “fill you up” and renew your energy. You find you are naturally motivated to do things that refuel and recharge you in this way.

Because of this deep appreciation for renewal, you may also find that there are times when you overemphasize renewal. Very often our weaknesses are simply the over-application of our strengths. You may find it hard to continue to engage and invest over a long period, without adequate renewal in between.

Most people will experience this, but you will experience it to a heightened degree.

You will thrive most in situations where you have the ability to renew often and “keep the tank full.” You will find that you struggle in areas where you are not allowed those refueling opportunities and are expected to “keep the nose to the grindstone” for overlong, and perhaps unjustified, periods of time.

When you are renewed, you will experience a level of energy and enthusiasm and gusto for life that is hard to find and that few things compare to.

Actively seek to maintain balance amongst your core journeys and be careful to not overcommit or overfill your agenda as you will do your best work when you have a highly balanced lifestyle.

If you find that you’re in a situation where you’re experiencing imbalance and are lacking renewal, seek for small ways to renew yourself until you can clear your plate and resume a more balanced way forward.

Your appreciation for Renewal and the value it has on energy will make you well suited for opportunities to focus on helping others create balance, restoration and renewal in their own lives.

This is a powerful opportunity to merge an internal passion with external opportunities to help others reach a state of renewal.

As you do this, as you both work to live in renewal yourself, and help others find and experience renewal for themselves, you will find added satisfaction and joy from life.

This concludes the overview training of each element’s general Personality Drivers. Additional training for each Element will be provided separately. When it comes, combine that information with this information to develop a full understanding of each Element and how it impacts an individual’s personality, mindset, beliefs, behaviors, priorities, motivations, and pursuits.