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Overview Charts

Total Engagement

These charts show an at-a-glance overview of the assessment score by element, separated by the four major Pillars found in the Human Achievement Process.

Scroll down for more details about each score, for an analysis of your results, and for more information about the Human Achievement Process.

Orbital engagement

success Probability score

We all go through stages of engagement. At “Peak Engagement” we’re in an optimal orbit and perform our best. When one or more of the Elements of Engagement deteriorate, there’s less mass holding us in orbit.

As this happens, our orbit decays and we tend to drift outward along a predictable emotional path, across a spectrum of disengagement.

Because engagement (or the energy we have for the things we do) is so fundamental to long-term success, we can correlate our level of engagement to our likelihood to succeed. We call this Success Probability.

Based on the results of your assessment, our Engagement Algorithm is able to map your cumulative engagement to a corresponding Success Probability Score. 

Remember, this is just a probability score, based on the engagement results from this journey.

This report will include details on what you can do to increase your overall engagement and by doing so, increase your corresponding likelihood for success!

For more information on the Orbits of Engagement, click here to access the course in our Achievement Academy, or click on the image here to see how this engagement level correlates to satisfaction, sentiment, performance, engagement and probability of success.

achievement process


As we’ve studied the science of the 16 Elements—how they lead to engagement and how engagement leads to achievement—we discovered a six-pillar process of continuous improvement. 

The 16 Elements are distributed across the 4 cornerstone pillars.

These 6 Pillars form the foundation of human achievement.

When your score in any one Pillar is low, this represents a categorical deficiency, and represents a larger issue than any one or two low-rating Elements.

When a whole category score is low, this represents a state of high-risk. Left unfixed, it will result in an overall stall in your ability to move forward.


Being successful means starting right… starting strong—whether you’re starting a new journey or are just starting your day on a journey you’re already on. 

The Orient Pillar is where you experience the joy that comes when you put your past into perspective and your future in focus… when you know who you are, where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there.



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Results By Element





What Your Results Mean


To be successful in life, you can’t do it in isolation. Successful people know that they don’t get there without help. In fact, they make sure getting that help is a core part of their move-forward strategy for success. 

The Assemble Pillar is about accessing the support you need to succeed. It’s about knowing how to access and leverage leaders and mentors, how to involve others in a way that increases enjoyment and powers progress, how to architect your environment to support success and how to adequately equip yourself for the journey you’re on.



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Results By Element





What Your Results Mean


Getting oriented and having all the right resources feels amazing, but what matters now is that we take action! 

The Act Elements are designed to help you get moving and stay moving. It’s about knowing how to measure progress and be accountable. It’s knowing how to build and maintain momentum on your journey. It’s about knowing how to invest in your objective and in your plan so that you are motivated to keep moving forward.



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Results By Element





What Your Results Mean


To sustain engagement long term, we have to feel like the journey is worth it. We have to feel like the outcomes that we get from the Investments we’ve made are rewarding enough to keep investing. 

The Achieve Elements draw on powerful extrinsic and intrinsic motivators that help you answer the question, “Is it worth it?” When the answer to that is yes, you find the long-term motivation to move forward because the outcomes are worth the effort.



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Results By Element





What Your Results Mean

Your Primary

Engagement Drivers

In every journey that you’re on, there will be times of high engagement and low engagement. Engagement is cyclical.

Understanding the elements that drive your engagement at any given time (and over time) can tell you a lot about how you feel toward your financial state and what’s going well.

Your Primary Engagement Drivers are all the Elements that keep you actively engaged in your financial journey. They tell you what’s working.

These are what you want to hold on to, because they keep you moving forward. The Elements below represent your Primary Engagement Drivers in your journey to financial wellness.

That's all!

You have no additional drivers in this section

Your Primary

Disengagement Drivers

Your Disengagement Drivers are the Elements that are absent or weakly represented in your financial journey—the Elements that work against you.

Unresolved, these Elements will drive you into increasing stages of disengagement in your financial objectives, reducing your chance of success.

It’s important to note that it’s very common to have some Elements in this category, because not every aspect of every journey can be perfect. So don’t feel bad if you have some Elements here.

What matters is that we recognize the Elements in this category and try to solve for as many of them as possible.

You want to either move them from Disengagement Drivers to Engagement Neutral (have no impact) or into Engagement Drivers, where they begin to work for you.

Most important of all: pay attention to the ratio of Engagement Drivers to Disengagement Drivers.

Whichever of those categories has more Elements will have more mass, and that mass will draw you into either increasing engagement or disengagement.

Understanding and solving for that balance is key to managing your own engagement in your financial journey.

That's all!

You have no additional drivers in this section

Elements that are

engagement neutral

These Elements are not currently having an actively negative impact on you in your financial journey. They’re also not currently having an actively positive impact on you. 

Whereas Disengagement Drivers lead to stages of disengagement, Neutral Elements create a state of non-engagement. While “not engaged” isn’t as bad as “disengaged,” if you’re “not engaged” in a journey, you are less likely to achieve the results that you desire, driving down your Success Probability Score.

This category of Elements is important, because they can take less work to solve for. If you can shift even a portion of your Neutral Elements into Engagement Drivers, the overall energy outcome can be really high relative to a generally low investment input.

That's all!

You have no additional drivers in this section

your own custom

learning path

Now that you know your engagement results, the next step is to take action. Begin by learning about the Elements most likely to positively impact engagement with this journey. 

You can access the full academy below, or we’ve created a custom journey through this content, based on your results.

This will allow you to focus your learning and optimization efforts on the aspects of this journey most likely to have the strongest and most immediate impact. The more you know and understand about the Elements that drive engagement, the better you’ll be able to engage in and optimize the journeys you’re on.



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