In the Personalized Learning Academy we pull in key content from across all areas of your membership and build them into personalized learning paths. 

These custom learning paths are specific to each of your Critical Contexts (those aspects of your life you care about the most), and help you optimize for those specific journeys.

Note: The Personalized Learning Academy focuses only on key content, giving you the most condensed, focused way forward for the specific journeys in your life. 

For even more content, browse the Academy categories above, or explore the Principle Knowledge Base and Articles.

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core curriculum

These are a few foundational courses, taken from our “Foundations Academy,” that are fundamental to understanding the role of Energy in your life, the foundational science of the 16 Elements, and the Orbits of Engagement.

They are common to all journeys, and will give you the foundation you need to begin solving for the specific journeys that you are on. For more Foundations courses, click here

The Energy Iceberg (Part 1)

Understanding the role of energy in personal progress

When it comes to achievement, there are only three variables... time, talent and energy. We focus on time and talent... but energy matters most. Learn about the interplay of these three, and how optimizing for energy will be the main driver of your success.


The Energy Iceberg (Part 2)

How optimizing energy will give you the most thrust

As you move forward on your Journey to Purpose, you must continually draw on the three main levers of personal progress… time, talent, and energy. In this course we'll talk about the limits of time and talent and how to leverage energy to maximize momentum.


The Orbits Model

An overview

In this course you’ll learn about the gravitational systems that exist in our lives and how they shape our behavior. With this understanding, you’ll learn how to create gravitational systems that pull you forward and escape those that hold you back.


The 16 Elements - An Overview

The fundamental components of energy

These are the fundamental ingredients for activating the energy inside of you to achieve excellence and success in life. Distilled from over 20 years of research, these elements form the foundation of the Life Engineering move-forward methodology.


choose your focus

Every journey you’re on in every Critical Context is unique, and only you will really know where you should start. 

As you were reading through the results of your Engagement Assessment, you likely found yourself nodding at a few of them and recognized, perhaps with new clarity or granularity, just how bad those elements may be.

If you have a clear idea already of which elements you should work on, follow that intuition and either jump right to that element below, or click here to go directly to the 16 Elements Academy and begin taking the courses you feel would be best.

But if you’re unsure where to start, there are two options. The first is to focus on your Neutral Elements, because those can often be the easiest to solve for and can create quick Momentum. 

The other option is to jump into the hard work of solving for your Disengagement Drivers. This can be beneficial when one or more of them are so severe, they are about to drive you out of that context entirely.

If you’re still unsure, we recommend starting with your Engagement Neutral Elements below.

Elements that are

engagement neutral

In this Critical Context, these are the elements that are not currently impacting you negatively, but they’re also not acting as a positive driver for your engagement. 

Because they’re so close to becoming Engagement Drivers, they make good candidates to focus on first, for a few reasons.

Mostly this is for “Momentum,” one of the 16 Elements, which is a fundamental driver of motivation. The energy of movement fuels more movement. So when you’re looking to increase engagement, it’s often best to look for “quick wins.” In game mechanics, game designers use quick wins as a way of immediately engaging us, because when we feel like we have momentum, we’re more likely to keep moving.

Looking for “quick wins” is all about looking for things you can do quickly, without a lot of effort, that will result in a meaningful impact. 

If that impact is also measurable (the Element of Score), then the energy impact is even higher. And if you can do it with minimum work (the Investment element), then you get a trifecta of impact. 

Not only do you start to sense (and can even measure) an energy improvement by increased engagement, but that energy improvement usually fuels increased outputs (or rewards, the Value element in the Achievement Pillar). Those increased outcomes add to the overall energy and engagement you have for this context.

Below are the Elements that registered as Neutral for this Critical Context in your last Engagement Assessment.

Choose one of those elements that you’re most interested in to begin learning. You can return here at any time by going to the Academy from your membership Command Center.

That's all!

You have no additional drivers in this section


disengagement drivers

In this Critical Context, these are the elements that are actively missing and are working against you. 

They pull you away from the state of Peak Engagement you need to be high-performing with your time and talent, preventing you from reaching the outcomes (the Achievement Elements) needed to keep you engaged long-term.

When an Element shows up as a Disengagement Driver, that usually means there’s some substantial work that has to take place to solve for it.

Be patient as you go to work activating this Element. Learn about the nuances of the Element and brainstorm how to activate it in this Critical Context.

This is a good opportunity to seek a Mentor (an Element in the Assemble Pillar) to ask for help or get feedback and advice.

Remember, it’s not that you have to solve for every Element. Sometimes, owing to the nature of the Critical Context, you may always have some Elements remain here. 

They represent inertia—the energy that has to be overcome—to gain Momentum and move forward. The orbits that we’re in around our Critical Contexts are going to be imperfect. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t solve for every Element.

Lastly, remember that you don’t have to move every Disengagement Driver all the way to an Engagement Driver. 

Even simply moving it into a Neutral state will dramatically improve the overall engagement energy you have for this Critical Context.

The following Elements are your Disengagement Drivers for this Critical Context. Click on one of them to begin learning about it.

That's all!

You have no additional drivers in this section


engagement drivers

In every Critical Context you have and in every journey that you’re on, there will be times of high engagement and low engagement. Engagement is cyclical. 

Understanding the elements that drive your engagement at any given time (and over time) can tell you a lot about how you feel toward the context you’re measuring and what’s going well.

Your Primary Engagement Drivers are all the Elements that keep you actively engaged in this Critical Context. They tell you what’s working. 

These are what you want to hold on to, because they keep you moving forward.

While these drivers can be specific to the context you’re measuring, they can also be highly influenced by your own Personal Energy Index, which identifies the elements most likely to activate the energy inside of you. 

To maximize engagement, you want as many Elements falling into this category as possible. The more Elements active here, the more Engagement Mass they create, working together to generate a gravitational pull that keeps you in the orbit of this Critical Context. If there are too few elements here, there simply isn’t enough gravitational pull to keep you in the orbit of this Critical Context.

The Elements below represent your Primary Engagement Drivers in this Critical Context.

That's all!

You have no additional drivers in this section

that's not all

keep learning

The courses listed above were curated for you based on the results of your last Engagement Assessment for this Critical Context. 

Once you have taken those courses and/or worked on that Critical Context, we recommend taking the Engagement Assessment again. We recommend taking the assessment for each Critical Context at least once every three months, preferably once every month.

Our research shows that a lot can happen with your engagement dynamics within the course of a month, and often without really recognizing it (something called Change Blindness).

Now, either retake the Engagement Assessment for this Critical Context to get fresh results (and a fresh Personalized Learning Path), or load the Personalized Learning Path for one of your other Critical Contexts. 

There is also a substantial amount of additional core knowledge found in the remainder of the Academy, Principle Knowledge Base, and Articles.

They key is… keep learning. Don’t lose momentum.



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