Learn what motivates you, inspires you, and makes you... you!

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Deep within you is a unique and powerful formula. It’s an underlying chemistry of Elements that combine to describe your identity and make you who you are. 

Those Elements form the foundation of your core attributes, desires, skills and motivations. They are what drive you to do what you do and become who you become.

Based on over 20 years of research, this simple, 10-minute assessment will help you recognize the magic inside of you, reveal your superpowers, and provide helpful guidance in how to use these traits to succeed in life!

Note: We recommend taking this assessment every 3-6 months to see how or if your motivators change over time. 


Sometimes  certain Elements will surface because of the circumstances you’re going through in the moment.

Comparing your results over time will allow you to identify what Elements are truly your core to your inner self, and which ones are driving your behaviors in the moment!