so you don't have to

We spent the last 20 years studying the science of engagement… the energy people have for the work they do. We hired a team of scientists and looked across industries, fields, and disciplines.

We looked most closely at the science of gamification, fascinated by the gaming industry’s consistent ability to create addiction.

We then synthesized that research into 16 fundamental elements that are proven to consistently drive engagement. 

We’ve presented them at keynotes at large conferences, in seminars, and in executive leadership development training sessions and to leaders at Fortune 500 organizations.

We then identified the stages of disengagement people go through… the emotions they feel, and the behavioral signals they send as they disengage at work. 

With this understanding, produced by a dedicated team of behavioral scientists over several years, we began to innovate.

We’ve built an entire system to help you measure and manage engagement within your teams and organization.

put the force of work BACK INTO THE WORKFORCE

by solving for employee engagement and satisfaction