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    Posted by Rusty Lindquist on April 20, 2023 at 6:37 pm

    Solidifying Resolve is Stage 2 Disengagement. We experience this after Emotional Distancing, when the orbit we were once engaged in fails to entice us back.

    This is where our mindset shifts, and instead of Emotional Distancing, we experience emotional resolve. In Emotional Distancing our focus and direction can be undecided, but in Solidifying Resolve our focus and direction shifts outward, away from the orbit we were once engaged in.

    This is where we start to create a narrative of exiting. We start to experience passive animosity, and can become toxic to the orbit we were once in.

    If that was an unhealthy orbit to begin with, this is where our resolve for change begins to solidify, and a determination to move forward begins to crystalize in its place.

    Let’s talk about this important stage of disengagement so that we can understand it better.

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Solidifying Resolve is Stage 2 Disengagement. We …
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