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The following resources are designed to be shared with potential customers. These materials are a supplement to the website, which contains much more information.

These are designed to be sent to prospects during the course of the sales cycle to foster education and engagement. If there are sales materials you need, please let us know!

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An LG Exclusive, Personal

pre-boarding and Onboarding by

rusty lindquist

CEO, Founder

We want our customers to feel like they’re part of something bigger. We want them to subscribe to our vision and enlist in our mission: to power human achievement by helping people engage at work and in life. To that end, we’re providing an opportunity exclusively for LG Resources customers to have a personal call with Rusty. 

For Rusty, Life Engineering is more than a company, it’s his life’s work. 

Growing up he experienced homelessness and abuse. His father tried to kill him. He ate squirrels and worms and stole food to survive. He was taken from his mother at 11 and learned to live on his own.

By 16 he had devoted himself to helping people re-engage with life to achieve their potential. For 30 years that’s been his core, driving purpose. Life Engineering is the culmination of that work, and embodies the transformative lessons he learned as a boy.