I found an article on NBC today about a man named Greg Pike, of Santa Barbara, who trained his cat, dog, and rat to all get along. He did it to prove that nothing is impossible in life. He says that if animals can be taught to get along, so can people.

Amen, Greg.

We’re often so caught up in proving ourselves right, exerting dominance, or clinging to past prejudice that we simply fail to get along, dooming ourselves to far more misery and hatred than is necessary in life. Such long-standing hatred and intolerance is corrosive to our happiness and erodes our ability to enjoy the present… to enjoy life.

But if we let go of our differences or just accept them for what they are—if we can learn to appreciate the strengths in each other, or at a minimum the blessed nature of variety—then peace can take a greater portion of our life, and the world will be a better place.


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