Do you measure yourself?

All day today I’ve been wallowing in spreadsheets, crunching numbers, and measuring progress.

The process of measurement is an incredibly powerful principle. If you try to run a business (or a product, or a department, or a team, or a family, or a class, or a relationship, or even your journey through life) without measuring progress, you end up spending a lot of time going nowhere.

You’re completely unaware, oblivious to gains or losses, and therefore incapable of responding when things start to slip.

Think back to that last New Year’s Resolution you set. Did you accomplish it? Now let me ask this: did you measure it? Most likely, the answer to the second question will be the same as your answer to the first.

In a business, if you want to be profitable, you’ve got to measure your profitability. Only then do you know when you need to cut spending, when it’s time for another ad, or when you can afford to ramp up your resources.

Businesses spend a LOT of time, energy, and money measuring, because they understand that the process of measurement is critical to success.

But in our own personal lives, how much do we measure ourselves? How regularly have you measured the quality of your relationship with your spouse, your children, your parents, your God, or yourself? How often do you measure your overall well-being?

If you suddenly find yourself surprised at the situation you’re in, chances are, you weren’t measuring it in the first place.


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