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My new book: Escape Velocity

No, this is not a book about physics. At least not entirely.

Escape velocity is a term that describes the speed and momentum necessary for any object to escape the gravitational pull of the earth (or whatever planetary system on which it sits).

But this principle applies to more than just the physical world around us.

You see, the principle of gravity is everywhere. We are pulled by everything around us.

Our past exerts a sustained gravitational pull on us. That’s why so many people have such a hard time escaping from it.

Our friends exert a gravitational pull on us. We know this as peer pressure.

Our work environment exerts a gravitational pull on us, both the physical environment and the people within it. That’s why companies tend to do what they’ve always done, and have such a hard time doing things that are truly unique (unique for them).

Public perception exerts a gravitational pull on us. We call this self-fulfilling prophecy—why so many people wind up exactly how we label them.

The public domain exerts a gravitational pull on us. That’s why it’s so difficult to find truly innovative thinkers: people who are able to escape the gravitational pull of what’s already been done, to come up with something new.

Our past mistakes exert a gravitational pull upon us. Our habits, our beliefs, our failures, our parents, what we read, what we watch, all exert a gravitational pull on us.

Sometimes, this gravitational pull is positive, such as the influence of good friends, positive belief systems, or a creative work environment.

But sometimes this gravitational pull holds us back. It prevents us from realizing our true potential, from being remarkable.

These are the things from which we try to escape. And the principles and practices which allow us to do just that is what I call “Escape Velocity.”

Escape Velocity, the title of my new book, describes how a person can generate the momentum necessary to escape their limitations and realize their true potential.

I’ll be covering many of these principles in greater detail on the blog as I write the book.

If you would like to be notified when the book is released, contact us here.

I hope you’ll enjoy the posts, and eventually the book.


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