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International Speech Competition: I’m hungry for bugs

A couple of years ago, I gave this speech at the Toastmasters Area D4 International Speech Competition titled “I’m hungry for bugs.” Rest assured, there’s a point, but you have to wait for it (spoiler below)…

P.S. Sorry for the bad lighting, but it gets better.

Unfortunately, we tend to not feed those things we care the most about in life. Things like:

Our dreams and passions

Our creativity

Our spirituality

Our physical well-being

Our child-like sense of wonder

Or sometimes even worse…

Our relationship with our children

Our relationship with our parents

Our relationship with our spouse

Reflect for a moment on your own life, and I bet you’ll find there’s something you care deeply about that you haven’t fed for quite some time.

Usually these are things that are close to you. Scarcity is what drives perceived value, so we tend to undervalue (at least in our daily behaviors) those things that are closest to us or to which we have the most immediate access. So if you’re wise, you’ll pay close attention to those things closest to you and be sensitive to when they might need feeding.

Because the one reality you can bank on—one true principle foundational to life—is that if you stop feeding something, it will die.

So the question is, what are you not feeding?

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