In the world of business there’s this little thing called the COP model. COP is an acronym where each letter stands for “Competency,” “Opportunity,” and “Passion,” respectively. Opportunity means there’s a demand or a need for what you do.

If you imagine each as a circle (as I diagrammed above), the area where all three intersect is known as the “sweet spot.” This is the spot where you will be at your very best.

In areas where you have competency and passion, but no opportunity—that’s a hobby. If you have competency and opportunity, but lack passion, then you’re going to be bored, miserable, and underperforming. If there is opportunity, and you have passion but no competency, you’re a novice and need only experience and training.

But where they all intersect is the sweet spot, the area in your life/career that you will be the happiest and be at your very best.

Taking it personally

In whatever you do, you should seek out your sweet spot. Fi