Have you discovered the swan within


You’ve likely heard the children’s story about the ugly duckling, who grew up thinking he was ugly because he was different than his siblings. He lived his life ashamed of who he was and saw the world as a dark and cruel place. After some time had passed, he caught his reflection in a pond, and realized he was a beautiful swan. This experience changed how he saw the world, and how he saw himself.  

 He did not change. His circumstances did not change. What did change was his perspective. His view of himself changed as he accepted who he really was and realized it was his differences that made him beautiful.   

 The story of the ugly duckling can help us reflect on our own world and self-perspectives. Do you see yourself as an ugly duckling? Is the world around you cruel? How can you change the lens you look through? Life Engineering will help you look into a metaphorical pond and discover the swan within.  

Heckert, D. M., & Best, A. (1997). Ugly Duckling to Swan: Labeling Theory and the Stigmatization of Red Hair. Symbolic Interaction, 20(4), 365-384. doi:10.1525/si.1997.20.4.365 

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