Early last month Life Engineering turned 6 years old. I can hardly believe its been that long.

During that 6 years I’ve been working hard to perfect the science, build the methodologies, create the framework, curate the principles, and establish substance behind this movement I called Life Engineering.

It was founded upon the basic premise that true principles have universal applicability, and that if you extracted those principles from their native habitats and applied them to life, the resulting impact would be insightful, inspiring and empowering. I wanted to discover the driving principles of human performance and personal progress.

It started with my first, unassuming post “It is not the critic who counts“, followed 8 days later by the much more deserving “Entropy, the most persistent of adversaries“. For 6 years now I’ve been creating this type of scientific self-help content, and I’ve been delighted and inspired at how the movement has taken off.

I have people approach me who I’ve never met to ask if I’m the Life Engineering guy. I’m thrilled when that happens, because I know the movement is having an impact.

Now it’s time to up the ante.

Yesterday I rolled out an all-new Life Engineering website, as a companion to the blog. For the first time I’m unveiling a product and service scaffolding designed to power the Life Engineering movement, and give people more control in life. It’s a system of tools, content, frameworks, and books I call the Change Enablement System.

Over the next several months each of the systems will come online, giving today’s Life Engineer’s far more ammunition in their battle to find meaning, overcome obstacles, and move forward.

I hope you’ll join us for the journey.

here are some screenshots:

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-61p7y6′]Life Engineering scientific self-help and motivational system[/av_one_third] [av_one_third av_uid=’av-4b09y6′]Life Engineering Change Enablement System - Take Control of your Life[/av_one_third] [av_one_third av_uid=’av-2iv18e’]The Life Engineering Movement - how it all started[/av_one_third]