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Congratulations on choosing to purchase Life Engineering memberships for your organization! 

Your purchase pricing and options are detailed below, and we’re excited to help you get started!

subscription Pricing

Employee Accounts
Leadership Accounts
License Volume
Retail Price
LG Price
Retail Price
LG Price
10 to 500
$19.99 PEPM
$14.99 PEPM
$29.99 PEPM
$24.99 PEPM
501 to 2,000
$17.99 PEPM
$12.99 PEPM
$27.99 PEPM
$22.99 PEPM
2,001 to 10,000
$14.99 PEPM
$9.99 PEPM
$24.99 PEPM
$19.99 PEPM
10,001 to 30,000
$11.99 PEPM
$6.99 PEPM
$19.99 PEPM
$14.99 PEPM

employee licenses:

Employee licenses are required for any employee for whom the organization wants to track engagement and other assessment data. 

Employee Licenses are also an employee wellness benefit, and give the employee:

  •  Full access to the Online Achievement Academy, where they can access hundreds of modules, courses, videos, articles and personalized learning for  personal development.

  • Full access to all assessments, including the ability to take unlimited assessments to track progress and engagement not only for work, but across all aspects of their lives.

leadership licenses:

Leadership licenses are required for anyone who wants to run team or organizational reports. 

They’re also a leadership development benefit, and give the leader access to everything the employee gets, plus:

  • Full access to our Online Leadership Development Academy, where they’ll learn how to utilize the 16 Elements to optimize engagement across the organization (customer engagement, prospect engagement, employee engagement, etc.), along with dozens of hours of premium leadership development content.

  • The ability to run team and organizational reports.

TRAINING & Services

Professional Onboarding
$10.00 Employee (one-time fee)
Virtual Training (4-Hour Event)
$5,000 (Flat Fee)
All Additional Training (20% Discount)
$4,000 Virtual / $5,600 In-Person


Professional onboarding & implementation is a one-time company and customer setup process. It includes:

  •  A 60 minute training and personal tour of the core science, frameworks, and models behind Life Engineering and the assessments by Founder and CEO Rusty Lindquist.

  • A personal tour of the membership subscription by an onboarding and implementation specialist.

  • Facilitated onboarding and implementation with a specialist, including setting up accounts, guidance on  custom fields, internal roll-out, and internal communications.

How it works

As a customer of LG Resources, as part of your purchase you’ll get custom, Professional Onboarding by Life Engineering founder and CEO, Rusty Lindquist.

After onboarding, you have the ability to add as many licenses as you want, whenever you want, and can remove licenses at any time.

At the end of every calendar month, you will be invoiced according to the number of licenses that were assigned or used (counted by invitations) at any time during that month.

If your first month is a partial month, your billing will be prorated according to the number of days your account was active.

live training events & Workshops:

$5,000 / 4 Hour event (virtual)
$7,000 / 4 hour event (in-person) + Travel

Training and workshops options are listed below. They are done in 4-hour segments. 

These are designed to accommodate a maximum of 40 employees per session. 

If there are more than 40 employees in need of the same training, then multiple training events would be purchased, qualifying the customer for a bulk training discount.

bulk training

20% off all additional training

If the customer is purchasing more than one training session, either of the same type (but for multiple groups) or different training types, they will pay full price for the first training session, then receive a 20% discount off all additional training.

With that discount, a virtual event becomes $4,000 and a live event becomes $5,600 plus travel costs. 

Travel costs include travel (airline, Uber / Lyft / Taxi, etc) and hotel. Meals and other fees are covered in the training fee.

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