I love New Year’s Day and the turn of the new year, largely because it’s a time where we all take the opportunity to reevaluate our lives, assess where we’ve been, and plan where we’re going. It’s a phenomenal event—pivotal and magnificent. I hope you all take the time to do it.

As for my assessing ’08, I found that I’d been so greatly blessed. I had a splendid year—nearly incomparable, in fact. Even in spite of such tough times.

But the whole process of reflection upon the past with the perspective of today tends to call out the starkest instances of entropy experienced in our lives (which I explain here). Those areas that we’ve let slip the most. Those are the areas we need to proactively rededicate ourselves to.

Life is not casual. Life is engaging and requires us to be engaged with it. Spend too much time as a bystander, and you find your life is filled with more regret than accomplishment and opportunity.