Onboarding & Pre-boarding

an lg resources exclusive

As an LG Resources exclusive offering, you are now able to book time with Rusty Lindquist, founder and CEO of Life Engineering, for both Pre-Boarding and Onboarding.

Details of each are below, along with links you can use to book time on Rusty’s calendar.


Pre-Boarding is designed and offered to customers who are nearing the end of their purchase process, and getting ready to onboard. It includes a 30 minute greeting call by Life Engineering Founder and CEO, Rusty Lindquist. 

During the call, Rusty will create a personal connection, introduce Life Engineering, answer any questions they may have, and explain the Onboarding process (outlined below).

He’ll talk about the professional onboarding package as well as the training add-ons. You can also prep him to include anything else you feel might be valuable for the customer.

If the customer has (or will) purchase the Professional Onboarding package, he’ll work with them to book an Onboarding time and identify key stakeholders for the most powerful and effective onboarding experience.

The Pre-boarding call can be an effective way to finalize the purchase process with a customer, and give them a taste of Rusty’s style, energy, and impact as you work to attach Professional Onboarding and Training solutions to the membership sale. 

We highly recommend at least the Foundations training course with every purchase, as it will lead to the smoothest onboarding experience to build leadership buy-in and prepare the organization for their membership.

Click here to learn more about the Foundations training.

If there are details that would be valuable for Rusty to know prior to the Pre-Boarding call with the client, please email those to Rusty@LifeEngineering.com. Include your name, the client’s name, and whatever details are helpful.


As part of the LG Exclusive Offering, customers who purchase the Professional Onboarding package will receive a 1-hour personal tour of their membership, along with our core frameworks and models by Rusty Lindquist.

Professional onboarding & implementation is a one-time company and customer setup process. It includes:

  •  A 60 minute training and personal tour of the core science, frameworks, and models behind Life Engineering and the assessments by Founder and CEO Rusty Lindquist.
  • A personal tour of the membership subscription by an onboarding and implementation specialist.
  • Facilitated onboarding and implementation with a specialist, including setting up accounts, guidance on  custom fields, internal roll-out, and internal communications.

The customer has the ability to add as many licenses as they want, whenever they want. They can also remove licenses at any time.

At the end of every calendar month, the client will be invoiced according to the number of licenses that were assigned or used at any time during that month. 

This allows for the client to give a license to a candidate, for instance, to measure their Personal Energy Index or for any other assessment, but then to cancel that account if they are not hired. In this example, they would only pay for one month access, but get full utilization of the assessments during that time.


pre-call bio and information

When helpful, the following are some landing pages you can share with prospects and clients about Rusty prior to the pre-boarding or onboarding calls. 

The hope is for them to understand how passionate we are about helping them, and their employees, engage at work and in life. When you become a customer of Life Engineering, you’re buying more than a product, you’re buying into a vision… you’re subscribing to a mission. That mission will govern our innovation roadmap, and we want our customers to feel like they’re a part of that larger mission.

For Rusty, Life Engineering is more than a company, it’s his life’s work. 

Growing up he experienced homelessness and abuse. His father tried to kill him. He ate squirrels and worms and stole food to survive. He was taken from his mother at 11 and told decisively “she doesn’t love you; she’s not coming for you.”

By 16 he had devoted himself to helping people re-engage with life to achieve their potential. For 30 years that’s been his core, driving purpose. Life Engineering is the culmination of that work, and embodies the transformative lessons he learned as a boy.