TEDx Talk: Reaching your personal escape velocity

We must make a fundamental change to how we view ourselves—not as the product of our past, but for the potential of our future. Watch Rusty Lindquist use his personal story to introduce a foundational aspect of Escape Velocity at TEDx.

Peaks and valleys

Peaks and valleys Peaks and valleys. Life is full of them. The important thing to remember when you’re in a valley is that you won’t stay there forever. Valleys are temporary, even when they seem to last an eternity. Inevitably, you find yourself back on top again. Sometimes, just remembering that can be the encouragement […]

Petra Majdic proves perseverance pays

Petra Majdic proves perseverance pays Petra Majdic – motivation through perseverance. 2010 Olympic Games – Petra Majdic shows her mettle. Image from topnews.in Cross Country Sprint star Petra Majdic, from Slovenia, was favored to win Wednesday’s gold medal finals at the 2010 Winter Olympic games at Whistler. That is, until she suffered a terrible accident […]