You remember the Mayflower, but what about Speedwell?

You remember the Mayflower, but what about Speedwell? On August 5th, 1620, the Pilgrims set out for America on two ships, the Speedwell and the Mayflower. You’ve likely never heard of the Speedwell, and for good reason. She never made it. Once the 60 ton ship got out into open water, she started taking on […]

Service Ride Control

Service Ride Control The dashboard on my Yukon Denali XL (XL stands for extra long—to fit my six kids) has been displaying the message “Service Ride Control.” It’s been that way for six months now. Yes, I’m a bit embarrassed about how slow I’ve been to service my ride control, whatever that means. In preparation […]

Peaks and valleys

Peaks and valleys Peaks and valleys. Life is full of them. The important thing to remember when you’re in a valley is that you won’t stay there forever. Valleys are temporary, even when they seem to last an eternity. Inevitably, you find yourself back on top again. Sometimes, just remembering that can be the encouragement […]

Petra Majdic proves perseverance pays

Petra Majdic proves perseverance pays Petra Majdic – motivation through perseverance. 2010 Olympic Games – Petra Majdic shows her mettle. Image from Cross Country Sprint star Petra Majdic, from Slovenia, was favored to win Wednesday’s gold medal finals at the 2010 Winter Olympic games at Whistler. That is, until she suffered a terrible accident […]

Sacrifice is hard

Sacrifice is hard Now that I’m officially unemployed, our family is having to make sacrifices. I’ve never not had a job, let alone been let go involuntarily. And for most of the lives of my six terrific kids, I’ve had not just any job, but terrific, well-paying jobs. Now all of a sudden, certain luxuries […]