There’s an old saying “form follows function,” and I disagree with it. Basically it’s saying that the value of any given thing is predominantly placed in the function of that item, not in how it’s presented.

While I’m not an absolutist, and can concede that there are times when functionality prevails, I’m also one that sees the distinct power in presentation and packaging.

Whole industries (as well as segments of industries) are based on putting form before function. Look at any luxury item. The whole luxury industry derives the bulk of its revenues from form, presentation, packaging, and style—not superior function. Is a Jaguar really that much more functional than a Honda? Are there $80,000 worth of functional benefits you’ll find in one and not the other? Not likely. But people pay for form. And incidentally, they also pay for branding.

Companies pay substantial amounts of money for marketing experts to come in and build packaging and presentation. It’s been proven countless times that any item will gain magnitudes greater acceptance when it’s packaged and presented powerfully.

So the question is, how much effort do YOU invest in packaging what you offer?

This isn’t just a business principle, but has personal application as well. When you sit down to talk to your kids about something important, have you thought about how you’re going to package this discussion for greatest acceptance?

When you prepare to teach them, have you considered the tremendous impact your presentation will have on how well your material will be accepted and applied?

If you’re going to discuss something with your spouse, are you continually conscious of your presentation?

Any conversation you engage in, and most activities you engage in as well, contain some form of packaging and presentation. The better you’re able to master your packaging and presentation skills, the more influential (and persuasive) you’ll become, and the more you’ll begin to stand out from the crowd and meet your maximum potential.


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