I firmly believe in the importance of measurement—the only way to ensure we get where we want to go is by frequently measuring ourselves. Measuring the worth of your pursuits is one way, while paying attention to your consumption is another.

We’ve all heard “you are what you eat,” but usually pass it off as nothing more than a quaint quip.

But that which we consume says more about us than we may care to believe. After all, consumption is a result of appetite, and appetites are the illustration of our desires, needs, and cravings.

Those internal urges become the driving force that compels us to consume what we do. Consumption is really the external manifestation of our deepest internal desires.

Those things we consume the most voraciously, to satisfy our most compelling cravings, say a lot about where our priorities lie and where we might be on the path to perfection.

As you look at what you consume, do you find your diet is nutritionally lacking? Is there nutritional balance? Are you starving yourself in some areas, while gorging in others?

Does your consumption include a healthy portion of things of real substance and eternal worth, or is it primarily made up of empty calories, fats, and sugars that provide short term pleasure at the sacrifice of long term health?

Perhaps it would be of value to spend a few moments listing those things you consume the most of—and see what your list says about you. After all, you are what you eat.


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  1. Great message for our times. I’m more guilty than I’d care to admit. I’d also recommend the movie “Wall-e”.

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