Arthur C. Clarke, an example of packaging

Today Arthur C. Clarke passed away. For those of you who may not recognize the name, he was most widely known for his book 2001: A Space Odyssey. Many luminaries paid tribute to him. He was also widely known among other fantasy writers for his famous comment “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Clarke was a man with a vision, a man who took advantage of opportunity, and a man who stood out from the crowd.

Seth Godin, one of my favorite bloggers and business writers, made an interesting comment about Clarke today. Godin once led a team that turned one of Clarke’s books into a computer game. He said that the one thing you can take away from Clarke’s life is that naming things is important.

“He made magic things real by describing them and talking about them in ways that felt real.  Once something feels real, making it real is a lot easier.”

Which brings me back to my post on packaging and the importance of paying attention to the packaging and presentation of whatever it is you do. Those who have the power to captivate have the power to affect great change.


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