Discover The Light Within


You are capable of greatness.

That greatness is already inside of you…. Maybe it’s undeveloped, unrefined, and unfocused, but it’s there. It’s a magic… a superpower… a light that shines within.

One of your greatest and most rewarding objectives in life is to discover the light that shines within you. To study it and understand it, to give it fuel and focus, to let it fill you with purpose and drive, and to ultimately to let it out and let it shine.

The world deserves the light that’s inside of you. And you deserve to experience the joy and fulfillment that come when both your “life’s mission” and your “life” finally come into alignment. When you are finally doing what you were meant to do, whatever that is. When you find your superpower and choose to focus on it. And when you start to see the difference it makes in the lives of others.

It’s so rewarding.

It’s so rare.

If you know what it is:

Then your next step is to figure out how to pivot your life in a way to tighten that alignment. It often doesn’t happen instantly. It takes time, and that’s okay. What’s not okay is to know, at least generally, what it is… to sense it there, and then to suppress it, or ignore it, or hide it. Or to kill it through negligence. To let a day turn into a month turn into a year turn into a lifetime without actively pursuing it and letting it become your purpose. To never experience that soul-fulfilling moment when your life’s mission becomes your life and the light that is birthed into the world from that magic union.

If you know what it is but don’t know what to do next, we can help. If you know what to do next, then do it. Take the stepStop waiting.

If you don’t know what it is:

Then your job is to discover the light within. To identify your strengths and to embrace your weaknesses. Realize that your weaknesses merely give focus to your strengths. They help you recognize where not to focus so you don’t spend your life in the pursuit of something that is not you.

Your job is to explore and to gain a sense of the general direction you’re meant to go. You can feel the light and draw of that direction when you experience it. It’s a general sense of “rightness” of “natural allure” of “peak curiosity” and “emotional energy.” You can feel it spark your interest, draw you forward, and ignite your enthusiasm. It might be subtle, but it’s the nature of things. It’s like the inner light inside of you is suddenly activated by the exposure of light of the same kind.

Of course all kinds of things get in our way and prevent us from really recognizing this for what it is. We’ll explore these things in future posts.

If you’re struggling to discover the light within, then we can help. Let us. Or let someone. Just don’t go one more day without at least committing to that journey of discovery. It’s one of the most important things you will ever do.

Take the journey.

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