My Core Values Tool

Identify What You Value the Most


an overview

Know Your Core Values. When you live a life guided by core values, you will find that it is a journey worth repeating—even with its pain, challenges and failures—because it is a meaningful journey, lived on your terms.

“Whatever it is that keeps you motivated to continue on your path is a core value,” says Taniguchi. “Ask yourself, ‘What do I value enough to take a risk? What will keep me moving forward?’” For more, visit our free Thrive course.


In the tool below, click on “Add” to identify a Core Value. Feel free to name it whatever you want and put as much in your description as needed to add clarity to your value. You can edit or delete values as you become more self-aware.

As you regularly revisit your Core Values, you will be able to better evaluate the opportunities that come your way and add meaning to the paths you choose on your Journey to Purpose.

My Core Values

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