Because we care not only about providing individuals, leaders, and organizations accurate diagnostics, but also about connecting them to solutions, each of our Assessments are actively linked to world-class content in our online Academy.

Here individuals, leaders, and executives can go to learn more about the science of the 16 Elements, the Orbits of Engagement, the Achievement Process, and dozens of other models and frameworks that connect and give color and context to these assessments. These academies will teach them how to increase engagement, satisfaction, and performance to power human achievement.


The Academy for Employees is an Employee Wellness investment that helps them learn how to take control of their own engagement, increasing their ability to perform. It teaches them principles and provides them with tools to help them be successful in work and in life.

Because it’s founded on the same core, fundamental frameworks as the assessments, as well as the leadership and organizational academies, it simultaneously serves as an investment in their future leadership opportunities and gives the organization a single, common language around engagement, satisfaction, performance, and achievement.


In addition to all the content in the Employee Achievement Academy, those with Leadership licenses get added content on how to use the results of the assessments available to them to create change in their teams—to drive engagement, satisfaction, and performance.

They’ll also receive content from world-class experts on how to be a leader in the 21st Century. They’ll learn management techniques, leadership principles, and will be able to draw from hundreds of frameworks accumulated from top leadership development experts over decades.

HR / executive business ACADEMY

Adding on to what’s in the Leadership license, those with an HR or Executive license will get additional content, courses, webinars, and workshops on how to systematize these principles across the organization. 

They’ll receive world-class training on leading frameworks and models applied by organizational experts.

This content, previously only available through consulting, is now being created in an online, 
learn-anywhere format.

put the force of work BACK INTO THE WORKFORCE

by solving for employee engagement and satisfaction