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Employee satisfaction is closely tied to performance. When satisfaction levels rise, productivity, customer service, and profits tend to rise too. Employee turnover slows down and it becomes easier to recruit new talent. See how your team, leadership, and shareholders can benefit from a company culture that emphasizes employee satisfaction.

If you want your customers to be happy, you need to think about employee satisfaction. When employees like their workplaces, they are more effective at their jobs and provide better customer service. Learn more about the link between the employee and customer experience and how to measure employee satisfaction.

Company culture affects everything your company does. Research has shown that culture has a strong impact on employees, job seekers, customer service, and more. If your culture is lacking, your employee satisfaction and overall performance will suffer. Learn how to cultivate a strong company culture that motivates people to apply for jobs, stay, and give their best effort.

Employee Satisfaction and Quiet Quitting: How Is Your Organization Doing? articles Many leaders are panicking about the “quiet quitting” movement. For employers, …

If you’re disengaged at work, you may be cheering for “quiet quitters” who aim to focus more on other parts of life. But you still have this niggling sense that something is off. Is quiet quitting really the answer to your lingering unhappiness? What happened to achievement?

Most pianists understand the importance of "Middle C" in orienting themselves as they begin to play. In leadership “middle C” represents compassion – both the ability and the desire to feel for and with those you are called to lead.

As you set goals, especially those tied to very “narrow” constraints, be careful that you don’t substitute one level of uncertainty and frustration for something far more “pressuring” and unpredictable. Read on if you've ever set a goal but struggled to reach it.

We are all trying to “puzzle” our way through life. As you piece together your identity, consider the people, communities, and values that impact you.

You’ve likely heard the children’s story about the ugly duckling. What difference does a change in perspective make? Read on to find out how you can relate to his experience.

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