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I posted yesterday about this great journey you are on. The journey to discover who you are and why you’re here. The journey to discover your purpose, your mission, and the magic and light inside of you. Mark Twain said “the two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.”

Once you do discover your “why,” once you identify the light and magic within you, you have a stewardship to let it out and let it shine.

Discovering the light within only qualifies you for half of its reward. You only get half the value. It’s like having a million dollars, but never taking it out of the bank and never spending it (on yourself or anyone else). Sure it gives you a sense of confidence and self-assurance that it’s there. But it’s not benefiting anybody, and the benefit to you is greatly marginalized.

The rest of the value comes when you release it. Even in small degrees.

The rest of the value comes when you begin to align your life around your “why,” when you begin to focus on your strengths and live your purpose. That moment… that magic moment when you’re suddenly “doing it,” when your life’s mission and your life’s dream finally become just your life… that’s when the rest of the magic happens.

That moment of perfect alignment is glorious.

It’s glorious to you

We’ve all seen it. We’ve seen those moments when someone decides to be vulnerable, takes that risky first-step, and keeps going in spite of doubt, and maybe a shaky start. But then they find their groove. They find their balance and get their footing, and then all of the sudden, magic happens.

Here’s a good example:

Notice the start was rough (at least Simon thought so). Notice that the confidence was not quite there. But he showed up. He found a chance and made it happen, and once he caught his Momentum, and his true Identity was on full display, it was magic.

It’s glorious to those around you

The second part I love about that video and others like it is that not only can you tell that the performer is totally in his element, living the dream, “doing it,” but everybody else can see it too, and they feel it.

Intrinsic to the nature of light is that it’s illumining. You can’t be around someone “living their dream,” totally in the moment, doing the thing they’re meant to do, and not feel it. It’s illuminating. It’s contagious. In this case it literally brings people to their feet, tears to their eyes, the light shining off of them.

The moment you choose to do your thing… the moment you choose to stand up, step out, pivot your plan and pursue your purpose… this is what it feels like. And this is how others will respond.

The moment you choose to do (and stick to) your ultimate individual why, it’s glorious to you, and it’s glorious to those around you. And we all deserve to feel that magic.

In those moments when you’re wondering if you should do it… if you should make the change, take the step, and let it out… imagine this moment. This could be your moment. This is what it will feel like.

Let it happen.

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