Congratulations, Identity is one of your core motivators!

You have a strong sense of self, of who you are and why you’re here, or at least a burning desire to figure that out! You have a strong appreciation for the importance of that understanding.

You value your identity (understanding it, aligning to it, and staying true to it) more than almost anything else.

The journey to developing a deeper understanding of who you are and how to stay true to that is one of your most important journeys in life.

You work hard to prioritize objectives, activities, initiatives, goals, roles, and opportunities based on how well they align to who you are, what you value, and where you want to go, as you work to stay true to that inner sense of self.

You love to take assessments that help you add color and clarity and texture to your sense of self. You have a desire to know your strengths and other attributes.

As you work to seek out and pursue opportunities that align to your strengths, you will find a high degree of both fulfillment and success.

When you are in situations that don’t naturally align to who you are, what you believe, what you’re good at, or that don’t align to your larger journey in life, you will experience a disproportionate degree of agitation and unsettlement.

Conversely, when you find opportunities that align to who you are, you will feel an immediate and deep sense of resonance, as if something has awakened inside you. It will provide a warmth and excitement that will act as a signal to your consciousness that you are on the right path.

Those deep, internal instincts will be a powerful guide, if you follow them, to keep you on a path that will ultimately lead you to your full potential.

Your understanding of who you are and your commitment to staying true to you is a powerful foundation in your life. In difficult times, it gives you a high degree of resilience and a powerful sense of orientation.

It can likely sometimes lead you to obsess, over-analyze, and delay action until you’re certain of identity alignment. Your deep, residual desire to “know thyself” may sometimes create feelings of anxiety and uncertainty as you try to go deep and explore every avenue of who you are.

Remember, the journey to “know thyself” is one that happens slowly, over time, and often bears the most fruit as you travel the other important journeys of your life.

Celebrate your identity, it’s your greatest asset. The more you work to be true to self the happier and more successful you will be.

Personality Description OVERVIEW, Element: Objective

Congratulations, Objective is one of your core motivators!

You are someone that has the ability to see a future state clearly. You’re not bound by the circumstances of the present, but rather have a deep, innate talent for looking forward and seeing what can be.

That ability to see a future state clearly gives you remarkable power in paving a path to get there. You can see it and almost taste it with such clarity that it draws you forward, and you can feel the emotional tug of wanting to be there, to experience it.

That powerful feeling that comes from seeing not just what is, but what can be, and feeling that draw often makes you want to communicate to others the worthiness of the journey and the value of the destination.

This is an innate talent that can make you a great leader as you inspire and influence others to take journeys they might not otherwise take.

Remember to be patient with people who do not see the destination as clearly as you do, and remember that this is your superpower. One of your responsibilities with this superpower is to communicate clearly and frequently to others on your journey so that you can continue to act in a motivational capacity to activate the energy within them to do the hard things and stick to the path.

That same talent that allows you to see the future state objective so clearly usually means you’re good at identifying the major milestones that are needed to be achieved in order to get there.

Those milestones act as a roadmap that will chart progress and ensure alignment with the ultimate objective. Remember that the milestones are not the point, but rather the end-state, and be willing to let the milestone objectives be somewhat flexible when the journey requires a slightly different route than you initially anticipated.

Because of your ability to see the end state objective, and the intervening milestone objectives, you will tend to become emotionally entrenched in getting there. “Getting there” will feel personal to you.

When others lack the same commitment to the end state as you do, remember to be patient. It’s often that they just don’t see the end-state as clearly.

You have a strong drive to get where you’re going, and that will be a powerful force that keeps you moving forward in your life. It can make you a great leader, influencer, motivator and navigator.

As you search for opportunities to use this gift, and situations where this strength can surface you will experience a high degree of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Conversely, when you find yourself in a situation where you lack the ability to use this gift, or where others have control over the destination and the path, you will likely feel a disproportionate degree of agitation and anxiety.

While sometimes you have to be patient and let others take the reins, you will thrive most when you’re in control of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

Personality Description Overview, Element: Plan

Congratulations, Plan is one of your core motivators!

You have an innate talent for creating order out of chaos. Where others see only disorder, you naturally see, or can quickly find, order. You take great joy and find deep fulfillment in this process.

You have a special gift. There are many who face a high degree of chaos and disorder in their life. You have a unique opportunity to be of assistance to them, in helping them find their way through.

You are likely an artist of “getting things done,” and because of that, you probably do a lot of things.

Because our weaknesses are so often the over-application of our strengths, this might mean that you tend to bite off too much. It might also mean that your fulfillment of the planning process causes you to sometimes over-plan. It may also mean that you experience a disproportionate degree of agitation and anxiety when someone deviates from that plan.

Remember that the Plan is not the objective, it’s a way to get to the objective. Your talents give you the opportunity to pivot quickly and accurately re-orient the path to get to where you need to go.

You’re someone who experiences a high degree of fulfilment and excitement over next-step-clarity… when you know, at all times, exactly what to do next, and what to do after that.

Your ability to see those next steps so clearly will make you a powerhouse for forward movement.

Look for opportunities to use this strength. As you do, you will find great satisfaction with life and the journeys you’re on.

When you find yourself in situations where you’re not enabled or empowered to use this strength, you will feel a disproportionate propensity to disengage. You will feel frustrated and seek change.

With this superpower, it’s important to remember that not everybody values a good plan the way you do. They won’t see it the way you do. Learn how to communicate the value of your skill and remember to be flexible with how you wield it, and you will increase your opportunity to use this superpower to do many great things in your lifetime.

There are many who need you.

Personality Description overview, Element: Relationship

Congratulations, Relationship is one of your core motivators!

You are a people person. You naturally see the value and worth of others. You see their potential. You find great value in associating yourself with them.

Because they can sense the very genuine appreciation you have for them, they, in turn, appreciate and value you. Because of this mutual regard, you have an incredible opportunity to both draw strength from those who surround you, and to provide strength to them in times of need.

These exchanges permeate your life, and you find a high degree of personal satisfaction and fulfillment when they do. You often seek them out.

You like to develop numerous and deep relationships, and thrive in social settings. When you are deprived of these opportunities, or find yourself in situations where you are unable to really connect, you will feel a disproportionate sense of agitation and anxiety, and will naturally start to look for the exit.

Not everyone will value relationships the way you do. Be patient with those who don’t. It’s not that they’re bad people, it’s just that this isn’t their superpower, it’s yours.

Develop the ability to communicate the value of your superpower to those who don’t value it enough, and you will find an ability to penetrate their otherwise distanced veneer and will build a relationship with them that can exemplify the virtue of relationship building.

You will experience more confidence in the journeys you’re on, when you are able to involve others in them. And because of the deep value you place on relationships, there will be times when you will feel alone and isolated on a journey, not because there is no one there, but perhaps because for some reason you’re not letting them in.

You are someone who needs people, and you are someone who people need. It’s a mutual need that when nurtured creates a powerful symbiotic relationship that gives you extra tenacity and grit, extra power and thrust to move forward in journeys.

This will be especially valuable to you in journeys that are long and hard and span many years.

You have an incredible gift that will enrich both your life and the lives of those who surround you. Build relationships and experience the joy and strength that come from truly connecting.

Personality Description Overview, Element: Space

Congratulations, Space is one of your core motivators!

You are a resource person. You have learned to find great value in having what you need to get to where you want to go.

Perhaps there was a time in your past when you didn’t have this, and it built up within you a deep desire to not be found lacking.

Whatever it is that created this deep appreciation, you now have a superpower that is incredibly valuable.

You have the ability to understand a journey, and what will be required to make it happen. Where others see simply a path and perhaps a destination, you naturally identify and understand the tools, resources, and needs to make that journey successful.

You find great value in finding the right tool for the job, and appreciate the quality of the resources.

You find great joy and fulfillment in “needs identification” and in the process of putting those resources together. You love to be equipped for the journey you are on, and you find yourself constantly wanting to help equip others for their journey.

You are extra engaged and enthusiastic about the journeys you are on when you know you have the resources you need to get there. Conversely, when you lack those resources, or are not empowered to go find them, or they are not available, you will likely experience a disproportionate amount of anxiety and agitation.

In these instances, remember that sometimes you have to start moving forward. Sometimes it’s the experience of the journey that shows you the specific resources you need.

Search for opportunities to use your superpower. You will naturally be the go-to person for many who can see clearly where they want to go, but don’t necessarily have what they need to get there.

This can cause you to be a great asset in the journeys of others, as you make your superpower available to them.

You will find that as you use this power for others, and not just for yourself, that you will experience great satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment from life.

Personality Description overview, Element: Mentor

Congratulations, Mentor is one of your core motivators.

Mentorship is all about appreciating the value of having a guide for your journey. With Mentor as a core motivator, you likely put more value on this than others. You naturally seek out help and guidance from those who have gone before, or who have access to special skills, talents, abilities, or knowledge that you know will help you on the journey that you are on.

You naturally value the experience of others, and seek them out. This is a great value and asset to you, as it allows you to access the power of others to fuel your own journey, increasing your likelihood of success!

When you have access to a mentor or a guide, you will feel a high degree of confidence for the journey you’re on and the steps you need to take to move forward. That confidence will give you courage and motivate you to take big, bold steps… steps that others may not take, because they lack that confidence.

On the other hand, because of your innate value for the experience of others, and how it can power your own journey, when you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have access to it, it may leave you feeling disproportionately agitated and anxious. You may feel reluctant to take the next steps. It may cause you to lean out and disengage.

Where others are hampered by their hubris, you naturally reach outward, constantly drawing in external wisdom, understanding and expertise. This empowers you to do great things and take big, bold steps.

Prioritize seeking the advice and feedback of others and you will experience greater levels of engagement, higher confidence, more motivation, and you will be able to do things that others cannot, because you’re tapping into more powers than just your own.

Your value of this exchange of experience and wisdom is not one-sided. You will find great fulfillment and joy as you act as a mentor to others on their journey. You will also find satisfaction as a connector, helping others find and connect with mentors of their own, even if that is somebody else.

You have a great superpower, born of a humility that helps you appreciate the input of others, and you will be able to use that to do great things.