Congratulations, Environment is one of your core motivators!

You are someone who naturally appreciates and values their surroundings. You are able to see the impact those surroundings have on the lives of the people within them. You naturally understand and appreciate the effect the environment you’re in can have on how you and others behave.

This is a superpower. It’s an innate ability to externalize, to look outside oneself and see your surroundings as part of who you are. It causes you to feel a sense of profound responsibility to take care of that environment.

It could be a small environment, like a room, or a small setting. It could be a larger environment, like a home or an office. And it likely extends to a much more macro environment like a town, a city, a country, or even the whole earth.

Your ability to look outside of yourself and appreciate your surroundings and the impact they have on the behaviors of those inside, and the ultimate outcomes they are able to reach, gives you the ability to shape and define those surroundings. It gives you the power to influence both the outcomes and the experience of everyone involved.

You will find the greatest joy, satisfaction and fulfillment as you search for opportunities where you have the ability to use this superpower, and where it will be appreciated.

Conversely, when you find yourself in a situation where you have no control over your surroundings, and where the environment you’re in is not conducive to who you are or the work you want to do, you will experience a disproportionate amount of agitation and anxiety, and it can cause you to quickly disengage.

Search for opportunities to impact and influence the environments you’re in, and you will provide a great value both to yourself, and to others.

Personality Description Overview, Element: Score

Congratulations, Score is one of your primary motivators!

You are a scorekeeper. You naturally find ways to keep score. You have a built-in ability to break down what can sometimes feel like an obscure sense of progress into very specific things that can be measured. What’s more, you find great satisfaction and fulfillment in doing so.

You naturally love, and have a talent for finding, ways to track progress, large and small. You are able to both identify and appreciate the measurable aspects and the repeated steps in journeys that are both long and short.

On top of that, the sheer act of scorekeeping, of tracking and measuring progress, brings you joy.

It’s more than just a superficial act of measurement; you see deeper into the value of scorekeeping. You see how it impacts behavior. You appreciate the insight it can create into what is actually happening and why. You value that insight, and to you, that’s what score is really about… insight.

This deep and profound appreciation for the power of deconstructing a large path into measurable progress likely causes you to naturally keep score of everything around you, including others. It could be that has even got you into trouble a time or two.

Remember that not everybody has your superpower. Not everybody appreciates score the way you do.

Remember this when interacting with others, especially if they are not as prone to the virtues of scorekeeping as you are, and with them focus less on the score, and more on the insight produced by the score.

This allows the art and science of scorekeeping to feel more accessible and valuable.

You will find that you are naturally more motivated on activities and opportunities where the score is clear. Conversely, you may find yourself struggling to make progress or stay emotionally engaged in activities where the ability to keep score is less clear, or perhaps not part of your role.

You will thrive in situations where you can use this superpower, and will find the greatest satisfaction and fulfillment when you can work with others who appreciate and value the insights of the scores you keep.

This is a powerful ability that can help you identify movement and momentum when others maybe only see stagnation. It allows you to be extra aware of changes to speed or direction or performance and productivity, or other aspects that may indicate a change of orientation is necessary.

Look for ways to use this superpower and remember to focus on the insights produced by the scores you keep, and not get fixated on the score itself.

Personality Description overview, Element: Momentum

Congratulations, Momentum is one of your core motivators!

You are someone who has a strong sense of movement. You can tell when you’re moving forward. To you, that sense of momentum, of progress, creates an energy that fuels more movement.

When you feel progress you feel excited to make even more progress, and this creates a powerful, internal thrust that keeps you moving forward, sometimes at a breakneck velocity.

In the same way, you are one who has a natural, internal sense for when you’re slowing down. You can tell when things aren’t going as well, as smoothly, or happening as quickly as they used to. The sense of slowing down is disproportionately disconcerting to you, because you are someone who thrives on movement.

This is a powerful character trait. It keeps you moving, it keeps you in motion. People in motion tend to stay in motion, and people at rest tend to stay at rest. Because of your sensitivity to movement, you’re propelled to keep moving. This will often keep you going when the energy and effort of others begins to wear out.

Your relentless determination to stay in motion can make you a powerful inspiration to those who have lost steam.

At the same time, when you find yourself not in motion, when you find that, for whatever reason, you’re in a stall, this can have a disproportionate impact on you, and can make you feel extra agitated and anxious.

You may sometimes struggle with balance and renewal, because you have such a strong, inner fire to keep moving.

You probably find that you get frustrated when things start to slow down. Especially when it’s something over which you have little or no control. You probably get frustrated when you see others not moving as fast or doing as much as you know they could.

This can be a superpower for you, and can drive you to accomplish great things. Temper that superpower with patience and kindness as you deal with others, remembering that they lack that same internal barometer for movement that powers you.

Find opportunities to leverage your sense of momentum, where you have the ability to inspire, influence, and entice others to act and move forward. This is where you’ll find great satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

Personality Description Overview, Element: Investment

Congratulations, Investment is one of your core motivators!

You are someone who values buy-in as a motivator. You’ve seen how powerful it is as a means to reaching outcomes that are otherwise out of reach.

When you get stuck, where others tend to withdraw and back away, you tend to lean in and invest. You put in more time, more energy, more resources.

You do this because deep within, you know that investment is what makes the difference. It’s what separates those who do from those who don’t. It’s what distinguishes people who achieve from people who don’t. It’s what can make the difference in a project or initiative succeeding, or failing.

To you, investing, and feeling invested is deeply personal.

You probably even feel bad over times where you know you could have invested in something, but didn’t. This is because you believe so deeply in the ability of your investment to make a profound difference… whether that investment be time, or attention, or advice, or effort, or talents, or resources.

To you, investment is one of the first things you turn to when something needs to be done or when you (or something you care about) gets stuck. You invest, you go all-in, you take (and feel) ownership.

Because of this innate superpower, you probably quickly become frustrated when you see others holding back.

Be patient with people like that, because they simply don’t see the value of Investment the way you do. There are many reasons why people who can invest fail to do so. Even when failing to invest ensures they fail in general.

You can use this superpower to help be a positive influence in their lives, as one aspect of Investment is helping others know how, and when, and how much to invest, and inspiring them to do so.

Some people, for whom Investment is not a core motivator, can fail to invest unless they have someone else who helps motivate them to do so.

You will find you get the greatest satisfaction and fulfillment when you are involved in something that you can invest heavily in. When you feel like, because of your investment, you’re making a difference, having an impact, and building a sense of ownership.

Likewise, when you find yourself in a situation where your investment is not wanted or not appreciated, you are likely to quickly disengage and withdraw from.

Look for ways to invest, as this is a superpower that the world needs to move important work along.

Personality Description Overview, Element: Alignment

Congratulations, Alignment is one of your core motivators!

You have a strong sense of alignment, of whether the path you’re on is the right one, of whether the steps you’re taking are leading you in the right direction.

It’s like a powerful internal compass that keeps you moving the right direction and warns when you may have deviated from the path.

You have learned to value that feeling of knowing the path you’re on is the right one. You are one who likes to have in place numerous mechanisms, processes, scorecards, and other instruments that act as early warning indicators to tell you when you need to course correct.

This powerful internal compass is unique. Not a lot of people have it. Your innate ability to sense direction (where your actions and efforts are taking you) makes you a valuable asset.

You have a talent for finding ways to fuel this motivation for alignment, and constantly seek to add to your toolkit additional ways of detecting departure or ensuring directional integrity.

Because our weaknesses are often simply the over-expression of our strengths, it could be that sometimes you over-obsess about whether or not the path you’re on is the right one. That can sometimes have a crippling, paralyzing effect if you’re not careful.

Remember that sometimes forward movement is needed before directionality can be obtained. It’s a lot easier to steer a bike in motion than a bike that’s barely moving or coming to a stop.

You will find a lot of inner power, a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, in those moments when you get confirmation that the path you’re on is the right one. We all do, but for you it’s especially strong.

On the other side, when you have moments of doubt, when you’re unsure about the path you’re on, it can also have a disproportionately adverse impact and can create feelings of aggravation and anxiety.

You have a unique gift with this internal compass, and the innate appreciation for creating clarity around the path and a high degree of sensitivity to whether you’re on it or off it.

You will particularly thrive in opportunities where you’re invited to use this gift to help a group, a team, or a company stay moving in the right direction. And you will quickly become disengaged when you find that your sense of direction is unheeded or unappreciated.

You have an opportunity to use this gift to be a great influence in the lives of others, as you help them find, and stay on their own path as they traverse the important journeys in their own life.