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I just read another inspiring story over on CNN (you can find the full story here). Here’s a summary: Ann Mahlum, who lives in Philadelphia and is a veteran marathon runner, got tired of running by all the homeless people and decided to do something about it. “Why am I running past these guys? I’m moving my life forward every day—and these guys are standing in the same spot.”

So rather than just pretending she didn’t care, she got with the shelter, went after donations for running gear, and created the “Back On My Feet” running club. It now has 54 homeless members involved, over 250 volunteers, and has logged over 5,000 miles.

What’s more, for those in the shelter to join, they have to be clean and sober for 30 days. They receive new running clothes, build associations and friendships, lose weight, stop smoking, and improve many aspects of their lives. They also can receive job training. It’s become a catalyst for change, all because one person decided to do something.

Again, the whole story is here (and even has videos of Ann and some of her students), but it begs the question: what could WE do if we decided to get more involved?


P.S. If you haven’t read the first “make a difference story,” you can find it here. And thank you, CNN, for continuing to post inspiring stories!

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