This is a truism of life.

There are simply times when our own personal journey requires that we move away from the comfort of where we were and the people who are still there.

Sometimes we’re elated by that prospect, but sometimes it’s quite sad. Sometimes just the idea of moving away from the comfort of the known and the people still there is the very thing that keeps us from moving on, from moving forward.

Sometimes we have to leave the comfort and familiarity of what’s good for what’s better, then again for what’s best.

For me, that happened Friday.

For nearly four years I’ve had the remarkable opportunity to work at a company called BambooHR as Vice President of Thought Leadership.

I loved my work

Every day I got to study, speak, write, and teach about what helps individuals and organizations be successful; how to build and maintain culture; how to architect an employee experience; how to build an employee value proposition that attracted people to work; and how to increase performance, productivity, engagement, and satisfaction while at work.

I built several online courses, gave 59 webinars and 42 speeches at large conferences. I got to touch so many lives and learn so many things.

I loved the people

In that process I was also touched by so many people. Our customers (I still say our) are HR leaders and executives who are working so hard to build something meaningful… not just products, but companies. They care about their employees and want to do things the right way.

The people who work at Bamboo are some of the greatest people on earth. I originally came to Bamboo because I fell in love with the two founders and realized how much I had to learn from them. I got to hire and work with some of the best people I’ve ever known.

Saying goodbye was hard.

Still, I knew the time had come in my own personal journey to move on. It required taking a step out into the darkness of the unknown, which has been both terrifying and exhilarating.

But here’s what I believe.

I believe the pain of saying goodbye will always be less than the pain of looking back and wishing you would have, because staying where you are meant compromising on your dream or giving up on the difference you could have made.

So if you suspect that it might be time for you to move on, I would just say, “focus forward, not backward.” After all, the world needs the light and magic you have inside of you.

Your journey itself and the promise of what is to come is more important than any position you currently occupy.

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