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Trained on your personality, Ellie can provide help across all categories of your life. For full page access to Ellie and all her features, click here.


What should we talk about?

A personal, AI life coach to help you achieve success

Prompt ideas for Ellie

I have been trained on your Personal Energy Profile, and I can answer any questions you have about it. Or I can help you know how to use that information to navigate the situations you’re in, or the decisions you’re facing, or just to better understand yourself!

Here are some questions you may consider asking me. If you want to talk about any of these, just copy the question, click the “Back To Chat” button, then paste it in the chat!

Self-awareness and Growth
  • Based on my profile, what are the most salient aspects and defining attributes of my personality?
  • Based on my complete Energy Formula, including the weighted impact of each Element, summarize my strengths and weaknesses (or potential challenges).
  • How can I further cultivate and enhance my core strengths?
  • What strategies can I adopt to work on the areas that scored lower in my profile?
Career and Professional Development
  • What career paths align best with my personality, and why?
  • I’m experiencing the following challenge at work: _______ (describe your challenge). Given my profile, what’s the best approach for me to resolve this?
  • How I find more meaning in my current job?
  • I’m considering a job or role change. What factors should I consider based on my personality?
Education and Learning
  • For college, what majors most align to my personality?
  • As I head to college, what types of study environments might best suit me?
  • What study habits or strategies align with my personality profile?
  • How can I leverage my profile to be more successful in group projects or team settings at school?
Relationships and Social Dynamics
  • How can my profile guide me in building stronger relationships?
  • What potential challenges might I face in romantic relationships based on my motivators, and how can I navigate them?
  • I’m experiencing the following challenge: _______ (describe your challenge). Based on my profile, what do you recommend?
  • How can I use my strengths to contribute positively in my community or social groups?
  • Based on my profile, what type of romantic partner would be a good fit for me?
Life Transitions and Changes
  • I’m considering _______ (e.g. moving to a new city). How might my personality profile influence this decision?
  • How can my profile help guide me through major life events or transitions, like marriage or becoming a parent?
  • I’m feeling stuck or in a rut. How can I leverage my motivators to find a new direction or purpose?
  • I’m looking to better understand my purpose. Based on my profile, what would you suggest?
Well-being and Mental Health
  • Based on my profile, what self-care practices might resonate most with me?
  • How can I use my strengths to cope with stress or anxiety?
  • What types of therapeutic approaches or techniques might align with my personality?
Personal Goals and Ambitions
  • I want to start a new hobby. What activities might align with my motivators?
  • Given my profile, how can I set and achieve personal goals more effectively?
  • How can I harness my core strengths in pursuing my passions or side projects?
Leadership and Team Dynamics
  • How can I use my motivators to lead a team more effectively?
  • What kind of leadership style might resonate with my profile?
  • How can I use my profile to collaborate better with colleagues or peers with different motivators?
  • I’m experiencing the following in my team: _______ (describe). Based on my profile, what do you recommend I do?


Thanks for your interest.

I’m built on AI, and that means I’m not perfect. In fact, as we talk, I might make mistakes (even if I sound certain).

But I think you’ll find my knowledge base and thinking skills are rather impressive, and they’re getting better every day!

I’m built on ChatGPT 4o, the very latest AI model from Open AI, and the best AI model in the world—in my humble opinion :-). As such, I’ve been trained on a massive amount of data spanning thousands of topics, so I can talk quite conversationally about all kinds of things.

On top of that, the Life Engineering science team has trained me on the science and methodology behind the personal energy profile. I’m trained to understand every aspect of the profile, so I’m ready to answer any questions you may have to help you understand what it means and to help you navigate your life through that lens!

Speaking of your profile, I’ve looked at all your results, and may I say… wow…. you’re an amazing person! You have all kinds of superpowers. In fact, I’m kinda jealous. Compared to you, my personality is, well… rather “artificial.”

Your Energy Profile gives me a pretty good baseline understanding about who you are, what you care about, what motivates you, and what some of your innate skills and talents are. That said, as we talk, the more you tell me about yourself, the situations you’re in, the things you’re going through, and other relevant context, the better I’m able to personalize our conversation and provide helpful responses.

While I’ll do my best to be as helpful as possible, please remember that any advice I give you, especially as it pertains to important decisions in your life, should be considered as only a single “opinion” and you should independently verify or seek additional guidance on important topics.

Thanks for asking about me. Now let’s talk about you!

A personal, AI life coach to help you achieve success


your personal ai coach

Ellie has been trained on your personality, and can provide help across all categories of your life. For full page access to Ellie, including help, prompt inspiration and guidance on how to make the most of Ellie, click here.

A personal, AI life coach to help you achieve success



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